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    SSANAI Hair Setter - Men's Non-Aerosol Hard Hair Spray 6.76 Oz, Extra Hold Masculine Scent Stylist Recommended, Texturizing Volumizing Root Boosting Lift, Styling Finishing Grooming Fluid Pump
    Beauty (Art & Design International Inc.)

    Art & Design International Inc.

    List Price: $20.90
    Price: $20.90
    You Save: $7.93 (38%)

    • ✔️ SAFE AND HEALTHY INGREDIENTS - SSANAI's products are environmentally safe, against animal testing, TEA free, paraben free, suitable for all skin types, and made with natural and healthy ingredients that are carefully selected from Australia.
    • ✔️ MASCULINE SCENT - Unscented hair sprays are useful sometimes. But what if you can give off a sexy masculine scent from your hair spray? No more fruity smelling hair wax or hair sprays! Smell like a man, and while you're at it, a sexy one too.
    • ✔️ A HEALTHY HAIRSPRAY - SSANAI's Hair Setter is full of Pro-Vit, B5 ingredients that keep your hair nourished and moisturized throughout the day.
    • ✔️ NO FLAKES NO STIFFNESS - Aerosol hair sprays have always been a pain due to the white flakes and the extreme stiffness after styling your hair. SSANAI's hairspray does not leave your hair stiff nor does it make any white flaking. Style your hair and keep it in form naturally using this awesome product.
    • ✔️ NOT STICKY - It's also very important that hairsprays do not make your hair sticky. Who would want their hair to be sticky and melting in hot summer days? SSANAI's hair setter leaves a clean finish, even allowing you to shape your hair with extreme detail by applying first to your hands and then to the tips of your hair where wanted.

Commentary: Three qualities of a good candidate for President


Given that the upcoming presidential election has been reserved for Malay candidates, most discussions up until now have focused on the backgrounds of the three candidates, including their heritage and conformity to traditional markers of ethnicity.

But we should look at other considerations in assessing what makes a good President.

For one, the matter of whether prospective candidates belong to the community for which the election has been reserved is in the hands of the Community Committee . Candidates would have submitted a Community declaration form and applied for a Certificate of Eligibility to show that he or she satisfies the Committee’s assessment, prior to submitting their applications to run for the Presidency to the Elections Department.

Rather than being mired in questions of ethnicity, Singaporeans should stay focused on the important choice that they will need to make, and decide for themselves how to go about making that decision, if more than one person qualifies for the position and the country goes to the polls.