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    SSANAI Hair Setter - Men's Non-Aerosol Hard Hair Spray 6.76 Oz, Extra Hold Masculine Scent Stylist Recommended, Texturizing Volumizing Root Boosting Lift, Styling Finishing Grooming Fluid Pump
    Beauty (Art & Design International Inc.)

    Art & Design International Inc.

    List Price: $20.90
    Price: $20.90
    You Save: $7.93 (38%)

    • ✔️ A HEALTHY HAIRSPRAY - SSANAI's Hair Setter is full of Pro-Vit, B5 ingredients that keep your hair nourished and moisturized throughout the day.
    • ✔️ MASCULINE SCENT - Unscented hair sprays are useful sometimes. But what if you can give off a sexy masculine scent from your hair spray? No more fruity smelling hair wax or hair sprays! Smell like a man, and while you're at it, a sexy one too.
    • ✔️ SAFE AND HEALTHY INGREDIENTS - SSANAI's products are environmentally safe, against animal testing, TEA free, paraben free, suitable for all skin types, and made with natural and healthy ingredients that are carefully selected from Australia.
    • ✔️ NOT STICKY - It's also very important that hairsprays do not make your hair sticky. Who would want their hair to be sticky and melting in hot summer days? SSANAI's hair setter leaves a clean finish, even allowing you to shape your hair with extreme detail by applying first to your hands and then to the tips of your hair where wanted.
    • ✔️ NO FLAKES NO STIFFNESS - Aerosol hair sprays have always been a pain due to the white flakes and the extreme stiffness after styling your hair. SSANAI's hairspray does not leave your hair stiff nor does it make any white flaking. Style your hair and keep it in form naturally using this awesome product.

How Sunless-Tanning Lotions May Reduce the Risk of Skin Cancer

How Sunless-Tanning Lotions May Reduce the Risk of Skin Cancer Contemplate participants who had used sunless tanners at least five times in the last year were the most likely to say they'd cut back on their other tanning behavior. The top reasons for using sunless tanning were its refuge and to avoid wrinkles,

Older and bolder: More seniors taking up adventure sports to keep fit

On weekends, 58-year-old businessman John Cheng destresses by cruising along the streets of Pasir Ris on his four-wheeler - a longboard about 1m in length. It is not a skateboard, he is quick to point out.

His board is longer and sturdier than the conventional skateboard - he can travel a greater distance than when he is on its shorter cousin. He covers a distance of about 50km on the weekend.

"It is just a different experience from other sports like cycling," he said. "Cycling is mostly sitting down and using your legs, while skateboarding involves your whole body. It does wonders in keeping me fit and agile."

Mr Cheng has been longboarding with a group of about five friends - some of whom are also in their 50s - for several years.

Mr Simon Lee, 50, who works as a legal counsel, said he had wanted to pick up snowboarding. In tropical Singapore, longboarding came closest to it. "I enjoy the freedom," he added. "At my age, I don't want to do tricks, but I do this as exercise."