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sunless tanning oil

How do you use sunless tanning lotion along with baby oil gel?

I recently bought Olay body quench plus touch of sun lotion to add a little colour to my legs, and also bought Johnson's baby oil gel to add a little shine to my legs as well. I was wondering what goes first to make the "sunless-tan" and the

I personally put on a moisturizing lotion, then I apply Clinique Self Sun tanner.. I've never tried the baby oil before, but I would think you should put it on before so it wouldn't strip away your tan :)

What are the chemical components of sunless tanning oils and concoctions?

I am in dire need to know more on the chemical components of common sunless tanning oils, lotions and chemicals in use today.


Scientifically speaking. One part less sun, one part oil, "10w-40w" preferred. and 3 parts coctions. Use sparingly but with vigorous circular motion.