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    Indoor Tanning Lotion with Bronzer for Indoor Tanning Beds - Dark Tan Accelerator and Pro Tan Lotion Uses the Best Bronzer & is the Luxury Sunless Tanning Lotion for Skin Tanning – Highest Quality
    Beauty (SunGodz Tanning Lotion)

    SunGodz Tanning Lotion

    List Price: $49.99
    Price: $49.99
    You Save: $22.00 (44%)

    • SUPERIOR SHOWER PROOF TECHNOLOGY - Your Premium bottle of indoor tanning lotion is specifically engineered with Anti-Run Off ingredients so you can Shower with peace of mind (your new tan accelerator not only lasts in the shower, but also Feels Silky Smooth!). Did we mention that your New Sexy Dark Tan shows up Extra Fast!? You'll get a Dark Tan in no time. You wanted a Sexy , Fast , Silky , and Top Quality silicone tanning lotion with bronzer...and now you have it!
    • GUARANTEED TATOO SAFE & ANTI FADE - We've got you covered! With your new lotion for tanning (equipped with tattoo protectant) your Beautiful tans will Last Longer and keep your tattoos Flawless...AND there's More! Say goodbye to quickly fading tans and say hello to Sexy Dark Tans that Last. It's not magic, it's quality... We've scientifically constructed a lotion for tanning beds that keeps your skin in its Gorgeously Tanned state for an Extended Period of time... Plus, you'll never turn orange!
    • LUXURY HYDRATION WITH EVERY MOISTURIZING DROP - If you want to Feel Smooth with Softer Skin then you've found the Right Choice...Your new bottle has the best bronzer so it Feels Rich and also gives you an Ultra Pro Tan ! If you've ever used cheap suntan lotion you know they feel cheap...Congratulations because Now you found the best indoor tanning bed lotion so you'll always feel great! With your dark tan accelerator your Skin will Turn Heads and Radiate Beauty... Just Click Add to Cart!
    • VERSITYLE & MULTI PURPOSE - Whether you're going out for a Relaxing day at the salon or Lazy day at the beach... You've found the Right Choice! Your tanning lotion for indoor tanning works Perfectly as a tanning bed lotion or outdoor suntan lotion AND you'll smell Superb with our custom unisex scent. You can travel with peace of mind knowing you will be able to tan indoors or outdoors...PLUS you'll Smell Fresh! You know the Right Choice... (it's time to treat yourself to a Quality Experience).
    • BEST VALUE GUARANTEED - We want you to lavish your time in the sun and feel COMFORTABLE doing it! With the best indoor tanning lotion for indoor tanning beds on the market...Tanning will have never felt more Pleasant. If you're Excited to use the Sexiest , Fasted , Longest , and Most Comfortable tanning lotion out there , BUY NOW Risk Free... Backed by our Apollo Tan Money Back Guarantee! But HURRY! This Price is Temporary and won't last, so Click Add to Cart NOW!

    DARK SELF TANNING LOTION FOR FACE AND BODY – Best Dark Self Tanner – Easy to Apply – Non Streaky & Greasy Giving Natural All-Over Tan – Natural Ingredients - Moisturize and Protect from UV Rays
    Beauty (Biofusion)


    List Price: $14.00
    Price: $14.00
    You Save: $0.78 (6%)

    • EASY TO APPLY ON FACE & BODY - smooth sunless tanning cream giving long-lasting all-over natural-looking summer glow
    • NATURAL INGREDIENTS KIND TO SKIN - Sunless tanner has no harsh chemicals - unique combination of natural ingredients work with your skin to give you golden dark tan. Will protect and deeply moisturize skin at same time
    • BEST SELF-TANNER DARK COLOR - Gives a perfect sun-kissed tan without any hassle and no sun exposure
    • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE WHEN YOU ORDER NOW! If you're not happy or aren't satisfied for any reason, we will gladly and promptly refund your purchase price
    • NON-STREAK, NON GREASY SELF TAN LOTION - Say goodbye to awful-smelling greasy self-tan lotions which are thick in texture and difficult to rub in evenly leaving you with orange streaks

Tanning bed use declines with more sunless tanning products

Tanning bed use declines with more sunless tanning products By Steven Reinberg, HealthDay Immature women who get their tan out of a bottle may spend less time sunbathing or using tanning beds, two riskier behaviors, according to a new investigation. Using a sunless tanning product is a safe alternative to ultraviolet

Butterscotch Beauty Salon Offers Organic Airbrush Tanning

If you're looking for a non-chemical full-body bronze but want to avoid the skin-damaging tanning beds advocated by the Jersey Shore turn, then a sunless airbrush tan is your best bet. Butterscotch offers organic airbrush tanning to state look after eco-friendly

Bodybuilding Sunless Tanning: A Beginner's Guide

Tanners light on in liquid spray forms and creams. These sprays and creams are not what you will find at a particular drug store. Bodybuilding competition color and over the counter sunless tanning lotions are very personal. Items like Neutrogena or Jergen's

Hollywood Tans Rings in the New Year With Celebrities at the Big Bang New ...

Hollywood Tans is a nationwide confine of over 140 indoor tanning salons providing both UV and sunless tanning services. Hollywood Tans salons are independently owned and operated and are the unshared US outlets for Hollywood Tans-branded lotions and

Sunless tanning lotion that doesn't smell bad?

Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced sunless tanning lotion that doesn't make you smell horrid? I have tried Netrogena and Coppertone products, but after a few hours, I always smell soooo bad from the chemicals...

jegens body glow it is flippin awsome

Jergen's Natural Glow

What is the CHEAPEST, SUNLESS, ODORLESS Tanning Lotion available?

I don't won't to spend a fortune but I would like to get a nice sunless tanning product with the least amount of odor. I like the sunless tanners but I hate that common odor they have. I would like to purchase something say in Walmarts price

Yep. Jergans Natural Glow. It has some smell, but it's not as bad as others. Costs less than other sunless tanning products, but it should be used more often.

Jegans natural glow is very good stuff its only 8 dollars at walmart or local drug store it dosent turn you orange BONUS and in like 4 day s you are like 2 shades darker oh and it really dosent smell that bad just let it dry before you put your clothes