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    Maxi-Mist Lite Plus Sunless Spray Tanning KIT Tent Machine HVLP Airbrush Tan Maximist BLK
    Beauty (MaxiMist)


    List Price: $259.00
    Price: $259.00

    • Spray Gun with horizontal and vertical pattern and flow adjustments Non-stick needle for virtually clog free performanceCup features conical design and wide base for optimal solution pickup 1 year warranty on Turbine Motor
    • OVER 10,000 SOLD!!! - Home/Mobile/Backup unit for 10 plus applications a day. Includes Professional Style Heavy Fabric Tent and Oversized Carry Bag Very Beginner Friendly on board gun storage Lightweight Mobile design
    • Includes Free, Tampa Bay Tan Spray Tanning Products that are 100% Vegan, Not Tested On Animals Paraben and Gluten Free Contain Natural Organic Ingredients Manufactured and Formulated by Tampa Bay Tan Three Depth Solution Package Everything you need to get started.
    • Available with alternate tent colors Brown, Black Or Pink Tent . Search Amazon for ASIN: B006WEZ562 (brown) ASIN #B005ZSHYYM (black) or ASIN B006WEZ5WQ (pink)
    • Detailed Instruction Manual CE, EU, ECAL Certifications Spare parts kit included free Complete New System ready to spray out of the box

    Belloccio Premium Sunless Airbrush HVLP Spray Tanning System Spray DHA Machine
    Beauty (Belloccio)


    List Price: $79.96
    Price: $79.96

    • Spray with Precision and Achieve Flawless Results in Minutes
    • Spray Application Gun Holder
    • New High-Tech Professional HVLP Spray Application Gun
    • Lightwieght, Portable and Powerful (120 Volt U.S.) Turbine Motor Air Pump Unit
    • 9 Foot Flexible Air Hose

No more streaking in Palm Beach County

You will have a skilful natural looking tan with NO orange and NO streaking right in your own home! "With me it is not one tan fits all", Melissa proudly states. With her herald gun in one hand and her tan hut in the other, Melissa is ready for you

Going for the Glow

Summer is in full swing, and that means shorts, sundresses and bathing suits. We all feel better with a sun-kissed look, but how do we get it while avoiding the UV rays that produce tans but may also cause skin cancer?

A spray tan is a great option for anyone looking to add a little color, whether it’s for a special event or you just want to even out skin tones.

Patricia Kelly says she started using spray-tanning products 20 years ago due to vitiligo, a condition that leaves her skin uneven in tone. “[Spray tanning] gives my skin a tanned and blended color because my skin is white in spots,” the Chesterfield County resident says.

Kelly says she prefers sunless tanners applied by tanning technicians because they last longer. She uses them when she’s wearing something sleeveless, and she has a tan applied for special events, travel and beach trips, too.

“I come home from vacation less tan rather than more because my tan wears off,” she says.

does california tan sunless spray solution get bad?

the kind you put in an airbrush tanning spray gun...the big gallons of it? does it ever go bad?

I can go bad in the sense that it is not as potent. Meaning, the tan that you get will not be as good as a newer solution, and it may be more likely to turn a customer orange. The solution can oxidize, especially in a container that is not sealed like