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Jessa Hochman mixes Boho-chic, feminine glam for fresh style: Fashion Flash (photos, videos)

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in a converted barn in the middle of nowhere in Medina. My parents are artsy. My mom, an artist, is from Beachwood. Her family is full of entertainers, radio hosts, comedians and magicians. My dad is an architect. Converting a barn was his dream. I climbed trees, fished in our pond and I know how to make a fire. I thought visiting my grandparents in Beachwood was like going to Hollywood. I love glam, and I'm the least down-to-earth of my sisters, but I still consider myself down-to-earth, I'll still get my hands dirty. I got my artsy side from them.

How does that affect your style?

In my style, the way I approach the world, business and relationships I do still sort of have that country bumpkin personality, and I'm not super impressed with money and status. I'm more impressed with the way people treat each other. It's interesting to be living in this world that as a kid I was obsessed with. I think that the way people understand me when they meet me is that I'm kind of a breath of fresh air.