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sunless tanning for fair skin

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    Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer for Body, Fair to Medium Skin Tones, 7.5 Ounces
    Beauty (Jergens)


    List Price: $10.99
    Price: $8.49
    You Save: $2.50 (23%)

    • In-shower color, no rinsing necessary
    • No "wait time" after applying - just pat dry and go. Color stays on you, not your towel
    • Glides smoothly on wet skin to instantly lock in hydration and gradually create flawless natural-looking color

    Jergens Wet Skin Body Moisturizer with Refreshing Coconut Oil, 10 Ounces (Packaging May Vary)
    Beauty (Jergens)


    List Price: $6.99
    Price: $6.75
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    • Winner of Allure Magazine Best of Beauty Breakthrough Award 2015
    • Oil-infused body lotion works when skin is most receptive to moisture, post-shower
    • No "dry time" before getting dressed - just pat dry and go
    • Packaging May Vary
    • Blends with water on freshly cleansed skin to instantly lock in hydration
    • Available in Restoring Argan Oil, Refreshing Coconut Oil, Original Scent with Original Cherry Almond Essence, Nourishing Monoi Oil, and Calming Green Tea Oil

Tanning bed use declines with more sunless tanning products

Tanning bed use declines with more sunless tanning products "The commodity adheres to the top layer of the skin that sheds anyway." Although some dermatologists believe promoting peculiar skin is a better way to reduce the risk of skin cancer, Chen disagrees with that solicit. Getting people to stop tanning is

Hit the bottle, ladies!

While most of the women surveyed said they found tanned skin more attracting than pale skin, the well-documented dangers of UV exposure may be having an impact on their tanning decisions. Unusually, in 2012, California will become the first state to ban

What is the best sunless tanning product for fair skin?

My skin is very fair. I am looking for a good sunless tanning product that won't make me look orange. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks.

Dove Energy Glow (is a subtle self-tanner) I have used Neutrogena before but it smells nasty so i switched to Dove which has a sort of fruity scent! But both products worked well with fair skin, I just hated Neutrogena's smell!

so I would

the sun.

Neutrogena. The best one that doesn't leave streaks or make you look like an Oompa Loompa.

What is a good Sunless Tanner for Fair Skin?

I have to be really careful in the sun not only because I am fair skinned but also because I take a medication that makes me burn very quickly. I currently have a decent tan but am slowly losing it because I don't want to bake outside everyday for an

Jergen's Natural Glow and Equate Healthy Glow are both good.

Just be sure to use them sparingly on knees and elbows because they absorb more and can become orange if you put to much on.

Hope that helps!

Calm Tans.
It makes your skin smooth, and if your going for a fair tan, than thats for you.
you should try it.
hope i could help.