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Who is James Wright Chanel aka The Patti Pie Guy from LA Hair? We found out!

It looks like James could truly be Kim’s secret ratings weapon. Monsters and Critics spoke to him to find out more about the rising star.

Monsters and Critics: Hi James! L.A. Hair shows you as being larger than life. Has this caused any real friction with your fellow Kimpire crew, or is that just manufactured for the camera? Is there someone in the Kimpire you just cannot deal with?

James Wright Chanel: Hi April, how are you? Yes, In real life I am and have always been larger than life, it’s not for the cameras — it’s just me.

Me being a part of the Kim Kimble Empire has not caused any friction between me or any of the other cast members because I’m always that same loving person, so one thing you always get from me is love and realness.

There’s not really anyone who’s part of the Kimpire that I can’t deal with. I pretty much love each and every one of the cast members as an individual and for who they are, what they bring and what they represent because each person has a wonderful gift.