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Celebrity Stylist Kim Kimble Talks Hollywood Hair, Reality TV Drama


PRIME TV OPPORTUNITY: Kimble wanted to educate people about her salon, her work ethic as well as introduce new consumers to her haircare line. What better way to do that than to be exposed to millions of TV viewers? Though Kimble is aware of the negative stereotypes associated with reality TV, she doesn’t sweat it.  “People love drama, and while our show has a bit of it, there is no one fist fighting. That’s just unacceptable,”  she says. While there’s no fist fighting, the show does have its fair share of entertaining moments. “There’s definitely some [conflict]—like other stylists stealing clients— but even with drama, there is always a resolution.”

REVERSE STEREOTYPES :  It’s no secret that there have been several complaints about the black hair salon experience. Whether it’s the tardiness of stylists or the hours lost waiting in the chair for a simple style, there’ve been many concerns about the industry standards.  Kimble hopes to change that. “I grew up in a salon. I was always the last client. With my salon, I try to make sure I treat the client right and make sure they get out at a decent time.”