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sunless tanning during pregnancy

Are sunless tanners safe during pregnancy?

Clarins self tanning gel in first trimester

i dont c y not

self tanners are not only safe, but recommended before you try to lay out..
I got so sunburned at the begining of the summer ( I was like 30 weeks) I stayed sunburnt for like 3 and 1/2 weeks..WE preggers have to realize our skin is much different

Dark lines on backs of legs?

I'm in my 32nd week, and last week, I noticed dark lines running up the backs of my calves. They haven't gotten darker or bigger, but they look like the line you'd get if you messed up while applying sunless tanner. They look exactly the same on both

yes its the same hormone that turned my belly button brown nd caused a line to go up my belly.i possibly had them on the back of my legs too but i never could really look back there when i was pregnant!!lol

yes it could be that or it could be that you need more iron or have too much iron. but good luck!!