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Area doctors urged to contact patients given injections from company linked to ...

Area doctors urged to contact patients given injections from company linked to ... The Ohio Bureau of Health this week released the list of all 64 Ohio facilities — including nine in the Akron parade-ground — that purchased medications from the New England Compounding Center since May 21. The register includes facilities that purchased any

Genesis Global Media Radio Show - 10/24/2012

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - October 24, 2012) - Genesis Epidemic Media is an ad agency, entertainment provider and media distribution director providing clients with the most comprehensive suite of marketing solutions. The Genesis Pandemic With a focus

A witch's brew: Couple accused of cooking mega-lab of meth in trash-filled home

WOOSTER, Ohio -- The toxic waste that John Marlow hoarded under the floorboards of his hovel and in a broken-down shed did more than disgust his neighbors.

It also terrified authorities, who feared the witch's brew could ignite a fireball and torch the neighborhood.

Marlow, 54, is accused of cooking a mega-lab worth of methamphetamine in a small house in Wooster, a city 90 minutes southwest of Cleveland. Authorities said they found 40 small labs in the home. The chemical stash marks the latest large-scale meth operation unraveled in Ohio in recent years.

What makes this case different is that the garbage-filled home is still standing and the accused cooks were not harmed, as fires have become so much more common, especially in such sizable labs, according to records and interviews.

Marlow and Charity Hinton, 34, were indicted this month in Wayne County Common Pleas Court on charges of illegal manufacturing of drugs and illegal possession of chemicals to make methamphetamine. They have denied the charges. Their attorney, a public defender, did not return phone messages.