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sunless tanning and pregnancy

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Existence style RT @chrisalicious85: @JENNIWOWW it's by far the best sunless tanning paint on the 12:21 pm, Dec 29 via Twitter KendraWilkinson: @BrittanyBinger no Brit. Straight cuz u got a 5 head doesn't mean it's bigger.

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Sunless tan and pregnancy?

Are sunless tanning lotions safe during pregnancy? I'm 36 weeks along and would love to be a bit more tan. What effect do they have on stretch marks? Cover? Accentuate? Should I avoid the breast area for feeding?
when you get a professional sunless

Don't use it. Sunless tanners are a no no while pregnant. Not that it is harmful to you or the baby. But your raging hormones are most likely to cause an unwanted result. You will probably be orange or pink or something. I'd wait until after your

I highly recommend you stay away from the stretch mark areas or it'll be horribly discoloured and look even worse!
Why is gawd's name would you want to do your breasts? So obviously don't use it there is you are planning on B/Fing

I wouldn't use that. Look on the back of the bottle and see how many chemicals are in that. It can't be good for your baby since it is absorbed.

best sunless tanner during pregnancy?

Im 4 months pregnant and I was wondering what is the best sunless tanners to use that doesn't streak or turn your skin orange.

st tropez and it smells nice too x

jergans natural glow is HEAVEN. just dont put too much on in between your boobs because it will collect there and spot a little bit.