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Beauty Bar: Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun Sunless Tanning Mousse

What it is: A sunless tanning mousse that promises to provide “gradual, natural-looking colour” from head to toe.

The mousse formula works with your skin tone to “mimic” the results your skin would naturally have if exposed to the sun — without any sun damage or exposure.

In addition to purporting to provide a faux tan without any fake-orange hue, these foamy formulas dry down in 60 seconds and develop gradually over four hours. Available in Light Bronze and Dark Bronze to best suit various skin tones. 

What we say:  Finding an at-home fake tanner that follows through on its promises to provide a natural hue and streak-free colour is a seemingly impossible task.

Some products are too orange, while others, even with the steadiest hand for application, turn out like a zebra-inspired mess. This affordable tanning foam from Jergens comes pretty close to delivering perfectly on both.