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    Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer for Body, Medium to Tan Skin Tones, 7.5 Ounces
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    List Price: $10.99
    Price: $8.49
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    • In-shower color, no rinsing necessary
    • No "wait time" after applying - just pat dry and go. Color stays on you, not your towel
    • Light, fresh scent - no unpleasant sunless tanner odor

    Self Tanner Instant Ultra Dark 8 fl oz, Sunless Tanning Lotion and Self Bronzer | Sunless Bronzing Cream | Instant, Quick-Drying, Streak-Free, Perfect For Fair To Medium Skin Tones
    Health and Beauty (Sun Laboratories)

    Sun Laboratories

    List Price: $25.84
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    • YOU GLOW, GIRL Whether you are new to sunless tanning and sunless bronzers or you have been mastering the self tanning art for years, Sun Laboratories Sunless Tanning Lotions, Micro Mists, Foams and Sprays are ideal for all skin types and will provide you with the perfect tan that you desire. No streaks or blotches, all you are left with is golden skin and something to brag about to all your friends.
    • GLOWING FROM THE INSIDE OUT Have you ever noticed that when someone feels and looks great, they just glow? Sure it could be that they've lost weight, or are in love, or just have that confidence we all yearn for. But maybe it's as simple as they've tried the Sun Laboratories Self Tanning Product and now they look slimmer, darker, and more radiant - thus they are glowing from the inside and out!
    • CELEBRITIES LOVE IT, DOCTORS RECOMMEND IT Sun Laboratories Sunless Tanning lotions (also referred to as self-tanners) require no exposure to the sun. Growing evidence shows the multitude of damage sun exposure can do both short-term and long-term. With the self tanner for pale, light, or medium skinned people, you need not worry about negative side effects. This quick tan self tanner ensures a rich glow that is natural and safe.
    • EASY TO APPLY Application instructions are provided with each Sun Laboratories Sunless Tanning Product, as well as placed into the description of this product at the bottom of this page to insure you get the best self tanning experience possible. You're life is full of activities, chores, and responsibilities. No need to add any more nuisances to your day, which is why we made a fake tanner that is easy and quick to use. It is also not just a sunless tanner for women, but men as well!
    • FORMULATED WITH A NATURAL BLEND OF INGREDIENTS - We have searched the farthest regions of the world for this natural, paraben-free blend of ingredients. This product not only provides your skin with the most natural-looking, best tan possible, but also nourishes, revitalizes, hydrates and enhances the feel and elasticity of your skin. Because no matter how great your fake tanning lotion works, if your skin isn't ultra smooth and sleek, you won't achieve a flawless look.

Tanning bed use declines with more sunless tanning products

Tanning bed use declines with more sunless tanning products By Steven Reinberg, HealthDay Unfledged women who get their tan out of a bottle may spend less time sunbathing or using tanning beds, two riskier behaviors, according to a new learn about. Using a sunless tanning product is a safe alternative to ultraviolet

Butterscotch Beauty Salon Offers Organic Airbrush Tanning

Butterscotch offers natural airbrush tanning to provide eco-friendly patrons with a guilt-free flush that's as tan as the candy treat the salon is named after. Other services classify makeup application featuring Butterscotch's signature tack of

Bodybuilding Sunless Tanning: A Beginner's Guide

Tanners do in liquid spray forms and creams. These sprays and creams are not what you will find at a particular drug store. Bodybuilding competition color and over the counter sunless tanning lotions are very unusual. Items like Neutrogena or Jergen's

Ponte Vedra Inn & Club spa celebrates 25 years

Keeping with the composition of wellness inside and out, the Spa at Ponte Vedra Inn & Club also offers sunless tanning. “Suncare is very vital to us,” said Shewey. “We apply sunscreen after every facial, and try to inspire sun care to all of our guests.

15 of the best self-tans to suit your skin type and lifestyle

Struggling to dress in the bare-legs weather with pasty legs? Shuddering at the thoughts of tights in this heat but also at the dangers and effort of streaky tan? Tanphobic or tanorexic, there's self-tan available for everyone now. These are our 15 picks of the self-tanning products and paraphernalia to buy, whether you're time-poor, tan-averse, tan-fixated, vegan, eczema-prone or broke. Side effects may include an elevation in self-confidence and a greater outlook on life.

Isle of Paradise Light Self Tanning Water, €24.99

For the perfect shade every single time, whether you're pale or olive skinned

Isle of Paradise, the tan everyone is talking about - and available at Boots - was created by celebrity tanner Jules Von Hep, a champion of body confidence who was also the creator of the first tanning brand to have a

Looking for th best lotions to use before and after a tanning bed!?

I am NOT looking for a sunless tanning lotion! They do offer products in the tanningsalon, but it's too expensive (50$)
Thank you for the answers. But I'm not dumping the goofy flowers! I work in an office for God's sake. I have to look goofy somewhere

I've been using CLIMAX tanning lotion (not a sunless tanning lotion) for about 3 yrs. now..that is what they recommended to me at the tanning salon I always go to...very effective and a bit expensive...but worth every penny. A small is like $25.00. What

I've been using CLIMAX tanning lotion (not a sunless tanning lotion) for about 3 yrs. now..that is what they recommended to me at the tanning salon I always go to...very effective and a bit expensive...but worth every penny. A small is like $25.00. What

i think you should pay the 50 bucks cuz the better the lotion, the more it cost...sorry to break it to's like the best hair conditioners cost a big buck...
ps:could u please change ur avator's kinda...ugly...

Can I go indoor tanning after a self spray tan?

couple days ago i had to go to a party in last minute so i sprayed some self spray tan on parts of my body.
took showers but it did not wash off much
i was wondering if i can go in to use the tanning bed/ sunless tanning tomorrow? even

Yes, it's fine to use the tanning beds after using a spray tanner. The spray tan will go away in a few days. It's more of a dye effect on the skin....not really a tan.

When using the tanning beds, you're going to be tempted to stay in longer

Did you know that tanning beds cause skin cancer..jsut like the sun does? please don't use them.
I know i'm just a stranger but i would hate for you to cause harm to yourself because you are misinformed..that is why i'm telling you about it.