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Leominster acupuncturist offers an alternative

LEOMINSTER -- The needles are only about twice the width of a human hair.

Lynne Thomas swears it doesn't hurt when they're stuck into the skin around her knee.

"I wouldn't call it a pain," she said as a third needle was placed in her right shoulder. "It's just a prick and that's it."

Thomas, a Leominster resident who's been coming to 3 Sons Healing for two years, first sought out acupuncture to treat the inflammation in a knee, which she said had swollen "to the size of a pumpkin." The knee has returned to normal size, to which she credits Donna Leon, licensed acupuncturist and owner of 3 Sons Healing.

For 12 years it's been Leon's responsibility to identify people's ailments and bring them relief by strategically placing her needles across their bodies. Explaining how five-element acupuncture works, however, is one of the trickier parts of the job.

A chart on one wall of her treatment room shows a human body with a network of lines drawn across it like a subway map.