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Why I live here: Brazilian Tanner Welington Sardinha

Welington Sardinha wears many hats.

In his new home town of Gunnedah in Northern NSW he is a Rotarian, Vice President of the Junior Soccer Association, Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce, and a leather tanner.

It is that last hat that makes him a rare person In Australia.

There are very few people in Australia who still hold that qualification.

"Unfortunately there are no universities or courses in Australia that can transfer their knowledge of how to receive a fresh skin and transform that fresh skin into leather. We don't have any specific course in Australia," Mr Sardinha said.

When he first came to Australia from Brazil in 1999, Mr Sardinha said the leather industry was much more widespread — there were not only tanneries, but also companies that finished leather products and shoe manufacturers.

However he said in the past 15 years, labour and energy costs and competition from tanneries in the developing world forced many businesses to close, or move overseas.