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Latin American Physicians Study Erlanger Stroke Program

Joining the international physician delegation were Dr. Blaise Baxter, Erlanger chief of Radiology; Dr. Thomas Devlin, director of the Erlanger Neuroscience Institute, Traci Jennings, assistant vice-president of the Neuroscience Institute and Peter Catalano, director of Stroke Consulting Services.  During the dinner meeting, each physician described the challenges of practicing high-quality stroke care in regions of the world lacking the infrastructure and financial support available in the United States.  
During the seminar, led by Dr. Devlin and Ms. Jennings, the eleven physicians learned about building an advanced Regional Stroke Center, along with developing a referral base of hospitals in outlying areas. The Latin America guests toured Erlanger facilities and came away with new ideas for strengthening their programs back home.  
Another member of the Erlanger Seminar faculty was Dr. Raul Nogueira, president of the Society of Vascular and