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    Living Will, Living Well: Reflections on Preparing an Advance Directive
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Alberta man dies from West Nile virus

Ten cases of the infection have been reported in Alberta this year. Alberta Fettle The two women say they struggled through an agonizing time of trying to decide whether he should be kept on existence support until Goodine-Sept found his personal directive.

Foot-in-mouth disease runs across all party lines

CALGARY, AB, Oct. 5, 2012/ / – Famous leaders and great parties have many things in common. One of the unhappier things is the veiled Perhaps their personal ideologies or religious beliefs blind them to the consequences of their words. No

Tony Clement clips bureaucrat spending

The new directive includes travel (transportation, conformation and meals), hospitality, professional and conference fees, and renting set out. The rules would have prevented the Canada Border The Canadian Taxpayer's Association (CTF) said its "great

Humane Society to MoMA PS1's New Restaurant M. Wells: Don't Serve Horses

Humane Society to MoMA PS1's New Restaurant M. Wells: Don't Serve Horses The agenda 21 plans being promoted and pushed by the animal rights extremists of the HSUS do NOT replace the individual private property rights of the horse owners to net (use) their livestock for their personal gain and the consumers' right to

Manitoba government sacrificing healthcare on the altar of austerity

“The only thing better than tonight in Manitoba is tomorrow,” crowed Progressive Conservative (PC) leader Brian Pallister the night of his election win. When speaking to a throng of party faithfuls – devotees, even – the future sounded bright. With the NDP’s 17-year-old political machine finally dismantled, Pallister, overjoyed, waxed poetic.

“All Manitobans are going to walk out into a beautiful spring morning and they’re going to look up and the sky’s going to be blue,” he added.

Yet clouds have since gathered on the Manitoban horizon. Swept in by the winds of austerity, the Tories’ blue skies – known federally as the Grits’ “sunny ways” – have been obscured as Pallister assumed office and began queuing up social programs for the chopping block.

The latest target comprises a massive network of workers and complex social infrastructure which forms the bedrock of the modern welfare state: lined up next at the budgetary guillotine is healthcare.