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    Living Will, Living Well: Reflections on Preparing an Advance Directive
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    Advance directives and substitute decision-making in personal healthcare: A joint report of the Alberta Law Reform Institute and the Health Law Institute
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Alberta man dies from West Nile virus

Ten cases of the infection have been reported in Alberta this year. Alberta Fettle The two women say they struggled through an agonizing time of trying to decide whether he should be kept on existence support until Goodine-Sept found his personal directive.

Foot-in-mouth disease runs across all party lines

CALGARY, AB, Oct. 5, 2012/ / – Famous leaders and great parties have many things in common. One of the unhappier things is the veiled Perhaps their personal ideologies or religious beliefs blind them to the consequences of their words. No

Tony Clement clips bureaucrat spending

The new directive includes travel (transportation, conformation and meals), hospitality, professional and conference fees, and renting set out. The rules would have prevented the Canada Border The Canadian Taxpayer's Association (CTF) said its "great

Humane Society to MoMA PS1's New Restaurant M. Wells: Don't Serve Horses

Humane Society to MoMA PS1's New Restaurant M. Wells: Don't Serve Horses The agenda 21 plans being promoted and pushed by the animal rights extremists of the HSUS do NOT replace the individual private property rights of the horse owners to net (use) their livestock for their personal gain and the consumers' right to

Hospice gives peace of mind for patients and families

Open arms, the caring support of family and peace of mind at the end of life.

When Joan Fiddlers husband Jim moved into the Foothills Country Hospice more than a year into his battle with a rare cancer, it meant comfort and relief in his final days.

Joan says it was the first time in a while she felt she could breathe easy. For their family, it was an opportunity to focus on what matters most spending time with Jim during his final days.

They welcomed us with open arms and they provided us with emotional support, spiritual support, meals, said Joan. It was a safe place for the family to gather and say good bye.

Jim spent two weeks at the hospice before passing away on Oct. 12, 2015.

During that time, said Joan, the hospice staff took every effort to make certain Jim was at ease and ensure the family was supported.

Jim was diagnosed with Mesothelioma in June 2014. It is a terminal illness caused by exposure to asbestos.

She said there is no cure and patients are usually given six to 12 months to live. Jim had a surgery that, if successful, can extend a persons life by as much as five years. It was a serious procedure that involved high doses of radiation, the removal of a lung and parts of the diaphragm and heart lining.