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    Shammy Cloth Chamois Absorbent Cleaning Towel 20 x 27 For Home Car Truck RV - Blue

    List Price: $21.99
    Price: $21.99

    • Super Absorbent, Non-scratch Cloth, Safe to Use, Will Not Scratch Surfaces
    • Eco Friendly. Saves Environment and Your Money by Reducing Paper Towel Usage
    • Comes in a economy pack of 5-piece , 10-piece and 20-piece Set. Each Shammy Cloth Size Is Approx. 20x 27 inches
    • Super Large, Ideal as a Hand Towel in Kitchen or Bathroom, Great for Drying Pets and Automobiles and Soaks up Spills Like Nothing Else
    • Machine Washable, Reusable

    PureGano American Ginseng Coffee Latte - 100% Arabica Instant Coffee - 200mg American Ginseng to Enhance Mental & Physical Performance, Natural Energy & Boost Immune System 3 Box 30 Day Supply
    Health and Beauty (PureGano)


    List Price: $21.99
    Price: $20.99
    You Save: $1.00 (5%)

    • MADE IN THE USA at FDA-approved, GMP-certified facilities, in compliance with food safety regulations. PureGano Ginseng Coffee is tested before and after manufacturing to ensure quality, purity and potency.
    • SUPER-CHARGE your coffee fix. PureGano American Ginseng Coffee packs all the punch of your favorite morning brew while promoting revitalized mental & physical performance and healthier immune system.
    • ALL-NATURAL certified Halal formula contains no preservatives, artificial colors or flavorings. Our sachets contain 200mg American ginseng, micro-ground Arabica coffee, 10g sugar and non-dairy creamer.
    • MORE GINSENOCIDES are contained in American ginseng, making it the most sought-after ginseng on the world. Ginsenocides are associated with stress reduction, enhanced mental acuity and physical endurance.
    • 30 SACHETS containing 18.2g of our proprietary blend of American ginseng and Arabica coffee. These travel-friendly packets are ideal to enjoy at home, work and at school. Simply pour 1 sachet into your favorite coffee cup, add 6-8 oz of hot water, stir & enjoy!

CNI to promote public's infra development ideas in summit

CNI had highlighted these 10 ideas to Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the Legislature-Parliament today. Such ideas include developing Rara Lake as a tourism hub by constructing needful infrastructure, connecting different parts of Himalayan districts via ropeways, developing monorail in the capital, developing the Great Himalaya Trail as one of best trekking routes, promoting sustainable farming through the use of information and technology (IT), and introducing different means of mass transportation in the capital and other cities, among others.

The CNI had launched a campaign entitled ‘Infrastructure Idea Hunt’ in collaboration with Idea Studio Nepal with an objective to increase public’s participation in identifying problems in the tepid infrastructural development of Nepal and solutions to address infrastructure deficits in the country.

CNI also informed that top three ideas out of the 10 ideas gathered will be awarded during the summit.

“Lack of enough investment in the country’s infrastructure sector is the major setback for infrastructure development in Nepal. The annual budget allocated by the government for the development of infrastructure is not enough,” said Bishnu Agrawal, vice-president of CNI, adding that the private sector should be welcomed in infrastructural development process of the country to ensure that Nepal develops good infrastructure.