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Wen Hair Care Gallon

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    #wen - 5oz Round Hashtag Drinking Alcohol Flask, Matte Black
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    Price: $18.89

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    Knick Knack Gifts #Wen - 20oz Sturdy Hashtag Stainless Steel Water Bottle, White
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    Knick Knack Gifts

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    Price: $21.89

    • This water bottle is NOT Microwave or Dishwasher Safe. Handwash Only.
    • This water bottle has been re-designed now to be stronger and more durable!
    • This is a classic stainless steel white water bottle.
    • This water bottle holds 20oz of cold liquids.

WEN Hair Care Products Linked to Hair Loss


Thousands of Americans, mostly women, have suffered major hair loss after using WEN hair products marketed by one of the nation’s largest direct marketing firms Guthy-Renker and its Hollywood celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean, according to documents disclosed in a class action lawsuit filed this year in federal court in Los Angeles.

Court documents, which have not yet been publicly reported, show more than 17,000 American consumers have expressed complaints directly to Guthy-Renker, reporting that they had lost hair or gone bald after using WEN products. Under current federal cosmetic safety regulations, Guthy-Renker, whose second largest product line after the skincare treatment Proactive is WEN, had no obligation to report adverse health events or customer complaints to the Food and Drug Administration.

The federal law designed to ensure that personal care products -- a category that includes hair care products -- are safe has remained largely unchanged since 1938. The FDA does not require safety testing of personal care products before they are put on the shelf. And because the loophole-riddled federal cosmetics law permits companies to keep customer injury complaints secret from the agency and the public, the FDA was not notified of the scope of WEN’s problems.