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Skin Care By Klara

Summer Skin Care Tips We've Learned from Beauty Experts

 Shakespeare compare a love affair to a summer’s day? There’s a lot to love about the season: the longer days, the pretty dresses , the rooftop bars , heady music festivals, and beach days that leave us completely sun-kissed and glowing. However. That glowy skin is short-lived, since what comes after is serious sun damage. Add to that the possibility of breakouts from slathering on SPF (you really can’t win...), streaky faux tans, and the bane of our summer existence, sunburns, and you’re looking at a full-spectrum skin fiasco.

Sure, we can layer on the waterproof makeup, hide under a floppy-brimmed hat, or just push our cares to fall (when we typically deal with neglected summer woes ), but taking preventative measures and treating our skin to some much-deserved TLC will actually allow us to be sun-drunk without the proverbial hangover. Over the years we’ve reached out to seasoned experts in hopes of mending our ways—models, entrepreneurs, doctors, and makeup artists shared with us their tried-and-true methods tailored just for the season we love.