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Skin Care By Klara

Cricklewood woman Klara Dollan gave birth without realising she was pregnant

Within minutes, Klara was cradling her daughter. 'Out of instinct, I grabbed a towel and wrapped her up in it. I couldn't believe I had a baby in my hands. I was in complete and utter shock,' she says. The ambulance arrived and a quick visit to hospital confirmed Klara and her baby were in excellent health.

That left the difficult task of breaking the news to her mother, who was at work. 'I broke down in tears on the phone. I told her I had given birth to a baby and there was silence.

'Then she said: “How is that possible? I saw you this morning and you weren't pregnant.” '

How indeed? After all, the average women gains between 22lb and 26lb during pregnancy. About a third of this is due to the baby - the rest is down to an increase in muscle in the womb, blood volume and fluid levels, and the body storing fat to make breast milk.

So even women with the neatest of bumps end up with some thickening of their waistline.