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Clinics rush to warn patients of tainted steroid

The edifice that houses one of the Minneapolis-St. Paul area Medical Advanced Distress Specialists (MAPS) pain clinics and the Minnesota Surgery Center is shown Friday, Oct. 5, 2012 in Edina, Minn. The troop's The fungus can also cause skin infections

Wearables for wellness fit right in

Many employers are embedding wearable fitness-tracking devices in workplace wellness programs.

From simple step counters to sophisticated sensors that capture activity levels, heart rate and sleep patterns, wearables have become a popular tool to promote healthy lifestyles.

Jessica Grossmeier, vice president of research at the Health Enhancement Research Organization in Edina, Minnesota, said employers that integrate wearables into robust, year-round wellness programs are seeing strong employee participation.

“They're saying, "Oh my goodness, this really gave our (wellness) program lift,'” said Ms. Grossmeier, who also is CEO of Verity Analytics.

HERO's 2015 Wearables in Wellness survey found that 46% of employers offer some type of fitness tracker as part of a wellness program. Of those, half or more said they offer the devices to increase users' physical activity (94%) and healthy habits (62%), boost employee engagement (77%), and add fun and excitement to wellness initiatives (58%).