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Jeff Vinik to relaunch Vinik Asset Management hedge fund

TAMPA — As if he doesn't have enough else going on, Tampa Bay Lightning owner, developer and philanthropist Jeff Vinik is getting back into the hedge fund business.

Vinik, 59, unveiled plans Thursday to re-launch his money management firm, Vinik Asset Management, which he ran from 1996 to 2013. Since shutting down the fund, he has focused on the Lightning and Water Street Tampa, the $3 billion real estate development project planned north of Amalie Arena near downtown Tampa.

So why now?

"Maybe it’s because I’m about to turn 60, and there’s something with round numbers with me," said Vinik, a career money manager who bought the Lightning when he was 50. "I love picking stocks. I love competing with the market. I’ve already spent three, four, five hours a day on it the last few years because I enjoy it so much, and I just got that itch that I want to get back in the big leagues of money management."