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Intercos and Cosmint: new partnership set to create major B2B beauty group

Signed in June, the two groups have agreed in a preliminary contract that Intercos will take control of Cosmint, and opens the option for Cosmint’s owner to invest with a minority stake in Intercos’s capital.

The two companies say the move will create one of the largest B2B groups in the world of beauty.

Cosmint’s current owners will maintain their current active role as managers, as well as their participation in the Board of Directors of the Cosmint Group. Decio Masu will be appointed as a member of the Board of Directors of Intercos S.p.A..

Partnership in numbers

Together, Intercos and Cosmint aim to boast the following:

Estimated revenues in 2017 of Euro 700 million; 5000 employees globally; 15 factories and 11 research centers in Europe, Asia and America.

“The partnership will create commercial and industrial synergies beneficial to both Groups as well as their customers ,” they say in a statement on the partnership.