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Education Technology, Surveillance, and America's Authoritarian Democracy

Financialization involves a highly disciplined neoliberal landscape where state power structures and private technologies facilitate and protect the activities and interests of finance capitalism over all else. Within this insulated environment, financialization occurs via securitization, which simply described, is a process where financial institutions bundle together (illiquid) financial assets – primarily loans – and transform them into (liquid) tradable securities that can be expeditiously bought and sold in secondary financial markets. Within this globalized environment, digital securities trading – including “fictitious” trading, hedging and speculating in derivative markets – generates “phantom wealth”; whereby the exchange of capital, money and currency is detached from material or labor value. In the twenty-first century, debt is the new global currency and is a primary source of (intangible) wealth accumulation.

Rebooting the System for a New Age