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On that day, we will have a communion care at our church, Staunton (Va.) Mennonite, as a way to remember our first calling to be the Church, joining people around the Connected States who have made the decision to participate in this act of remembrance

Pneumonia Discovery May Offer Way to Boost Body's Defenses

A discovery at the University of Virginia School of Medicine could make waves in wiping out drug-resistant bacteria.

Researchers believe they have discovered the importance of macrophage-colony stimulating factor (M-CSF), a protein in our bodies.

According to professor Borna Mehrad, the body’s immune system is better at fighting infections when it has more M-CSF.

Findings by Mehrad's team suggest not having the protein resulted in 10 times more bacteria in the lungs, 1,000 times more bacteria in the blood and spread the infection to the liver, resulting in increased deaths.

"All over the world really, but especially in this country, the bacteria that live in the hospital are getting more and more resistant to antibiotics. So this is really a major problem that has accelerated and is going to continue to accelerate,” Mehrad said.

Mehrad says the next step is to continue observing and testing responses from the protein in the lab.