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On that day, we will have a communion care at our church, Staunton (Va.) Mennonite, as a way to remember our first calling to be the Church, joining people around the Connected States who have made the decision to participate in this act of remembrance

Virginia mom built a $1.7 million beauty business while homeschooling her 14 children

"I built Shea Terra the old-fashioned way," said Umbel, who lives on a Loudoun County, Va., farm with her physician husband. "Hard work is how. Dedication. I took the money I made and reinvested in the business. No debt. No loans. No investors."

As the company has grown, Umbel has trained her staff so she can run the company remotely from her Leesburg farm, a half-hour from the factory that she rents for $5,300 a month.

If she must go to the factory, sometimes the children come, too.

"I would line them up at tables in the shipping area and give them (school) lessons while running back and forth to orders," she said. "I would teach them alongside me as I ran the company. Was it difficult? Very. But I was determined to succeed."

The self-taught businesswoman has had to learn marketing on the fly. Most of it came from roaming the aisles at Vitamin Shoppe. She noticed that retail sales demanded symmetry and continuity. Same color. All in a line.