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Carly Findlay is a proud disabled woman who doesn't want to change or hide her face

It took a couple of months to find a new cleaner, and each one I communicated with, I felt the need to explain my facial difference and apologise for my skin.

Since that incident, I've had some awful reactions to my face. Some reactions are more extreme than others, but in some way or another this is what I deal with daily. And I never get used to it.

I've had a stranger laugh at my face several times at a music show. Her friend justified the behaviour when I called it out by saying it's because she hasn't seen someone like me before.

A young man commenting on a photo of my friend (also with a facial difference) and I via Instagram told her to get plastic surgery and take a more attractive photo next time. He was mortified when I made his (already public) comment into a new post on Instagram, and informed me he's never said anything like this before. Of course he's a nice guy - a nice guy who made a conscious choice to tell strangers to change their face.

I'm told it's understandable people are scared of my face, when they haven't seen it before. But I'm getting tired of this excuse.