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    Powder Coating Painter's Hood Replacing Spray Sock and Nonwoven Hood, $1.96 Ea, 6 Per Pack
    Beauty (VITAFLEX LLC)


    List Price: $12.90
    Price: $12.90

    • Securely covers the entire head, face and neck
    • 100% made in the USA, Dependable, High quality, and Low cost
    • Soft form-fit provides effective isolation layer next to the skin
    • Fiber-composite structures allow body heat and perspiration to escape which keeps the head cool
    • Keep heads cool and protected. New GSP version with increased effectiveness in blocking overspray.

Cisco takes fresh aim at trans-Tasman SMB markets

Looking ahead, Nair said Cisco will be extending the roll-out to include other managed services providers once it moves beyond the first stages of the pilot phase.

SMB growth

During the past 18 months, Boal said Cisco experienced significant growth within the SMB segment, which previously represented about nine per cent of the vendor's business in A/NZ, before increasing to around 13 per cent.

Cisco in Australia, experienced a $1.9 billion turnover in 2017.

"We have an aspiration to grow that to 20 per cent and beyond," Boal added. "We have expectations that SMB market will grow at least $50 million per annum."

Boal said Cisco has addressed some of the challenges that impeded the vendor's SMB success in the past through having the right technology, simplicity and strategy within its platform.

Specific acquisitions such as Meraki , OpenDNS and Broadsoft have also helped the networking giant substantially tap into the SMB sector, which Cisco defines as up to 250 seats.