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    SERENITY Natural Sleep Aid, Stress & Anxiety Relief - Relaxes Mind & Body, Fall Asleep Fast Without Waking Up Groggy - Non-Habit Forming - Magnesium, Valerian, Chamomile - 60 Vegetarian Soft Capsules
    Health and Beauty (Eu Natural)

    Eu Natural

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    • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and 1-FOR-1 MATCH. Each order is backed by unconditional 90-day guarantee so you can try Serenity risk-free. We're confident that you will see results and will be thrilled with your purchase. And through our Vitamin Angels 1-for-1 Match program, one bottle equals one year of vitamins for a child in need.
    • POTENT STRESS RELIEF. Full spectrum blend promotes relaxation and releases you from normal anxiety. The powerful combination supports your health from the inside.
    • PEACE OF MIND AND DEEP SLEEP. Do you enjoy not being able to sleep at times? Fatigue, restlessness, stress. The solution is a right mix of natural herbal extracts formulated to relax your body, helping you fall asleep fast and stay asleep through the night.
    • PURE NATURAL FORMULA. 100% vegetarian easy-to-swallow soft capsules, completely free of fillers, binders, and artificial ingredients. No gluten, wheat, or dairy. And of course, never tested on animals. Just a pure and safe product.
    • NON-HABIT FORMULA. Includes Magnesium, Valerian, and Chamomile to wake up feeling rejuvenated without the grogginess of other sleep aids. Blend of L-Theanine and 5-HTP also combat daily stress. You can have the confidence that every capsule has the strength and potency that you are looking for in a product.

    MidNite Natural Sleep Dietary Supplement 30 Chewable Cherry-Flavored Tablets, Natural Non-Habit Forming Sleep Aid, Melatonin Dietary Supplement
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    Meda Consumer Healthcare

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    • MidNite Natural Sleep Supplement even works when you wake up in the middle of the night. Just make sure you have at least 3 hours to sleep, and you can take the mint-flavored chewable tablets without water to help you ease back into a natural slumber.
    • Because MidNite is a drug-free melatonin supplement, it's available without a prescription & is safe, effective, and non-habit forming. Melatonin is produced naturally by your body to regulate your sleep/wake cycle.
    • MidNite's proprietary blend of melatonin, lemon balm, chamomile & lavender is formulated to combat occasional sleeplessness, supplementing the body's natural melatonin levels to help adults fall asleep & stay asleep without grogginess the next morning.
    • Contains (1) box of (30) chewable tablets MidNite Natural Sleep Supplement. Drug-free, chewable MidNite contains 1.5mg of melatonin and a proprietary blend of lemon balm, chamomile & lavender to help you fall asleep & stay asleep.
    • Made in the USA

Goodnighties Recovery Sleepwear is a New Option to Sleep Better -- For Some ...

It's America's latest sleep way out in a category of solutions from serious prescription sleep aids to orange light bulbs. Goodnighties is a breakthrough modernization and a 'dream' for the chronically exhausted. Those with night sweats from menopause or

Research: more women turning to sleeping pills

To get some coop up-eye, Maria alternates taking prescription sleep aids, anti anxiety pills and muscle relaxants. "On a bad twilight when I feel a lot of anxiety, I definitely cannot sleep without the help of drugs." Maria is valid one of a new era of

Insomniacs Suffer Depression, Heart Woes After Years of Little Sleep

Insomniacs Suffer Depression, Heart Woes After Years of Little Sleep Prescription sleep aids, like Ambien or Lunesta, are true belongings but are not intended to treat years of sleeplessness. "Generally, the way medications are recommended is for deficient rare-term use," said Philip Gehrman, clinical headman of the Behavioral Sleep

Being Alert to Sleep Apnea

New-fashioned life has been hard on sleep. Millions of people resort to sleep aids, either over the counter or by prescription, in an striving to pass the night without insomnia or disrupted sleep. But as common as it is for us to complain when we didn't get a

What you need to know about sleeping pills

Everyone needs and wants a good night’s sleep, but sometimes, we need a little help. Sleeping pills can be a temporary aid when stress, travel, or other disruptions keep you awake.

Prescription sleeping pills may help you fall asleep easier or stay asleep longer (or both). The risks and benefits of various prescription sleeping pills can differ. To find the right prescription medication for you, a doctor will generally do the following:

Ask questions to get a clear picture of your sleep patterns. Order tests to rule out any underlying conditions that may be causing difficulty sleeping. Discuss options for taking prescription sleeping medication, including how often and when to take it, and in what form, such as pills, oral spray, or dissolving tablets. Prescribe a sleeping pill for a limited period to determine the benefits and side effects for you. Prescribe a different prescription sleeping pill if the first medication you take doesn't work after the full trial.

Here's some advice on how to use prescription sleep pills safely:

Illegal to buy non-prescription sleep aids under the age of 18?

Is it illegal to buy non-prescription sleep aids in New Jersey under the age of 18?

Yeah i'm pretty sure it is, because accidental overdose could cause death. If you have trouble sleeping talk to your parents, if it's a serious problem they should listen.

Yes-i believe you have to be 18 to buy those.

What are the benefits of taking prescription sleep-aids?

what makes over the counter drugs...not as effective?

The active ingredient is more powerful.

What Gal?
Its good it made me pass my Nostalgic problems