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This Kildare couple turned an old shipping container into something BEAUTIFUL

Mary Kearney, owner of Celebrate Skin , always had an avid interest in all things skin care. After travelling Australia, where she got her first taste of working with laser technology and cosmeceutical skin care, Mary returned home where she received more training and exposure to results driven skin treatments.

Feeling experienced, ready and inspired to go out on her own, Mary's partner Ronan creatively suggested a work from home project in the form of a 'cabby chic clinic'.

Sharing the innovative idea with us, Mary explained:

"It had been Ronan's long time ambition to convert a shipping container into something livable, so that's what we did!

"We purchased a refrigerated container, drove it to our plot and worked together to turn it into something beautiful.

Ronan designed the interior and exterior, roofed it, plumbed it (including installing an oil heating system) dry lined and plastered it.