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My day in beauty with Anna Geary: 'Since my teenage years, I have had problematic skin'

"I always invest in good products that suit my skin type. Since my teenage years I have had problematic skin, so I need to be kind to it, or it won’t be kind to me. I cleanse my face first thing in the morning and last thing at night, no matter what, even after a night out. I use a moisturiser and eye cream every day too. I’m trying to get into the habit of wearing a separate SPF daily - I ain’t getting any younger! I try not to wear much make up on the days I don’t have, to let it breathe (thankfully, my lash extensions keep me from looking too tired). When it comes to beauty, I’m a magpie. I love buying and trying new products all the time. Sometimes my reactive skin doesn’t thank me for it..."


Cleanser: Environ Gel Cleaner after exercise and at night time and Garnier Natural Aloe Extract Cleansing Milk in the morning
Moisturiser: Environ AVST
Serum: Going to bed