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Buyer beware: 'Natural' bodycare products skimp on natural ingredients

She said finding genuine organic products was difficult on a limited budget, and that she was aware the relatively cheap Organic Care shampoo she bought was "probably the best of a bad bunch at that price".

Consumer NZ has highlighted concerns about Organic Care shampoo not being 100 per cent organic. The watchdog also raised concerns about Palmer's Organics Cocoa Butter Massage Cream, in which only three of 33 ingredients are certified organic.

Becky Cashman, the founder of Natrue-certified natural skin care range Goodbye, said she was raising concerns because she worried shoppers were not getting what they expected.

Products claiming natural and organic ingredients ranged "from shampoos with full chemical bases with a token amount of natural oils, to petrochemical products with a small amount of natural actives, to products that are mostly natural but still use chemical preservatives," she said.

Nivea's "pure and natural" milk and honey lip balm contains polyisobutene​, a synthetic polymer about which Environment Canada has raised safety concerns. The same company's raspberry rose caring lip butter contains a petrochemical product.