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Kina Grannis using social media to build a musical career but credits fans for the real work

It was a scary and confusing time. Although Grannis and company weren’t held in jail, they were all questioned and had to retain lawyers. Grappling with anger and depression, Grannis turned to meditation. She kept a gratitude journal and focused on diet and exercise.

“The only way I could handle things during that time was when I woke up in the morning, I would immediately go to the gym before I could even start thinking,” she recalls. “I had to fill the first part of my day with things that were going to take care of me or else I was going to disintegrate.”

Though the situation was finally resolved, the experience left an indelible impression on Grannis. One of the songs on the new album, the lovely and aching “California,” is a reflection of that time.

“I wrote ‘California’ while I was in Jakarta,” she says. “It’s a song of longing and missing people. But it’s one thing to miss someone when you know you’ll see them in three weeks. It’s another thing when you don’t know if you’ll ever see them again. The song was about coming to terms with that longing and trying to be in the life that I was in — waking up every morning wondering when we would go back home.”