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, Which gives it control over 50 per cent of the hair care market in the country. Further, it has acquired three soap brands in Bangladesh and cross-pollinated brands value‐added hair oils, hair dyes, deodorants, et al, to expand its presence in Bangladesh.

During financial year 2015-16, the company charted an annual turnover of Rs 6,100 crore across the portfolio. Marico's focus on sustainable growth manifests through its consistent financial performance, a CAGR of 10 per cent in turnover and 18 per cent in profits over the last five years. In India the company has eight factories located at Pondicherry, Perundurai, Kanjikode, Jalgaon, Paldhi, Dehradun, Baddi and Paonta Sahib.

For the April-June’17 quarter, Marico’s top-line, EBITDA and bottom line plummeted by 4 per cent, 13.3 per cent and 11.9 per cent all on year on year basis (YoY), respectively.

Domestic Business: De‐stocking impacted volumes; copra exerts pressure on margins

V care Trichology Hair Clinic is 100 % Fruad?

Proof : 30,000 for all tests , sittings , medicins, oils , shampoos , n shit...
No Result... !!! This shit is just like nuzen hair oil n livon...
It is in india... !!!
It is also fruad clinic approved by some curropted officials...

Association of Certified Fraudsters of India:

1. Livon - President
1. Dr. Batra - Vice President
2. Nuzen - Vice President
3. V Care - Director
4. Angels - Director
5. Ervamatin - Director

You should

Where is it located?

It is not 100% fraud , but it is not useful also

My hair is thick, black, medium wavy, i use olive oil, almond and coconut oil in switches to apply to my hair.?

my hair gets frizzy after wash and to kill frizz I use Livon which is a great great softener and a life-saviour. i want to add some leave in serums, conditioners to my hair care routine. any recommendations?

coconut oil or jojoba oil or olive oil. thats what i use and my hair is terrific my hair is healthy as all can be and i have curly thick wavy hair as well but there is no real way to escape frizz that i have found there will always be a little frizz unless

are you crazy? why would you do that? all things which help hair have been sought out and put in bottles.

I'm curious about how much shampoo you use. Also, do you deep condition? Try that, see if it helps.

Unfortunately, I have no recommendations for leave in products as I don't use them on my curly hair myself. But best of luck to you!