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    Livon Silky Potion-100 Ml by Marico Ltd
    Beauty (Paras Pharmceutical Ltd)

    Paras Pharmceutical Ltd

    List Price: $7.00
    Price: $7.00

    • Restores the natural moisture balance of hair
    • Penetrates into hair shafts & repairs them from within
    • Reduces hair breakage

    Livon Hair Gain Tonic-Root Energiser/Hair Re Growth/ Controls Hair Fall - UNISEX
    Beauty (LIVON)


    List Price: $19.29
    Price: $19.29

    • It restores proper circulation of blood and nutrients to the hair follicle
    • It also prevents shrinking of the hair follicle and helps it grow in a healthy cycle.
    • "Shipping by FedEx"

Marico's Livon meets creative agencies

Marico's Livon meets creative agencies The manage is underway in Mumbai. Livon, the hair care brand from Marico, is currently in the process of appointment advertising agencies. The process that began about a week ago, is currently underway in Mumbai.

Vini Cosmetics promoter Darshan Patel plans to raise Rs 400 crore to fund buyouts

AHMEDABAD: Darshan Patel, the promoter of Ahmedabad-based Vini Cosmetics that makes Fogg deodorant, plans to raise Rs 400 crore in 2016-17 from private equity players as he eyes acquisitions in the skincare and haircare space. The former copromoter of Paras Pharmaceuticals is keen to acquire about two brands this fiscal, ET has learnt.

"I am on the lookout for haircare and skincare brands that could be acquired and I have let the market know of my plans," Patel told ET. "If needed, I will raise yet another round of funds worth Rs 400 crore for inorganic growth."

Patel expects to close FY16 with a turnover of Rs 600 crore, which would be a near 18% jump over FY15.

Vini has so far raised Rs 130 crore from Sequoia Capital and Bay Capital. "There could be brands that have an essentially good proposition but somehow distressed. I want to take them with me," Patel said. Irrespective

V care Trichology Hair Clinic is 100 % Fruad?

Proof : 30,000 for all tests , sittings , medicins, oils , shampoos , n shit...
No Result... !!! This shit is just like nuzen hair oil n livon...
It is in india... !!!
It is also fruad clinic approved by some curropted officials...

Association of Certified Fraudsters of India:

1. Livon - President
1. Dr. Batra - Vice President
2. Nuzen - Vice President
3. V Care - Director
4. Angels - Director
5. Ervamatin - Director

You should

Where is it located?

It is not 100% fraud , but it is not useful also

My hair is thick, black, medium wavy, i use olive oil, almond and coconut oil in switches to apply to my hair.?

my hair gets frizzy after wash and to kill frizz I use Livon which is a great great softener and a life-saviour. i want to add some leave in serums, conditioners to my hair care routine. any recommendations?

coconut oil or jojoba oil or olive oil. thats what i use and my hair is terrific my hair is healthy as all can be and i have curly thick wavy hair as well but there is no real way to escape frizz that i have found there will always be a little frizz unless

are you crazy? why would you do that? all things which help hair have been sought out and put in bottles.

I'm curious about how much shampoo you use. Also, do you deep condition? Try that, see if it helps.

Unfortunately, I have no recommendations for leave in products as I don't use them on my curly hair myself. But best of luck to you!