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    doTERRA Lime Essential Oil - Supports Healthy Immune Function, Promotes Mood, Emotional Balance, Well-Being, Aromatic, Topical, and Internal Cleanser; For Diffusion, Internal, or Topical Use - 15 ml
    Health and Beauty (doTERRA)


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    • Used as an aromatic, topical, and internal cleanser
    • Positively affects mood with stimulating and refreshing properties
    • Promotes emotional balance and well-being
    • Known for its distinct aroma and taste, Lime provides cleansing benefits when taken internally or used topically-making it the perfect oil for purifying skin, air, and surfaces
    • Supports healthy immune function

    South Of France Bar Soap - Orange Blossom Honey - Natural Body Care - 6 oz (Pack of 4)
    Health and Beauty (South of France)

    South of France

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    • French Milled Oval Soap
    • Luxuriously lathering all-vegetable soap
    • Leave your skin soft and deeply moisturized
    • With organic Shea butter

Holistic Health Coach Tricia Cardone Offers New Sophyto Gluten Free Skin Care ...

Holistic Salubriousness Coach Tricia Cardone has recently added the Sophyto Gluten Untie Skin Care Line from the UK to her product offerings. More information can be found percent are certified elementary. Sophyto skincare is formulated for all skin types to

Medford-born sisters launch all-natural skin care products line

The blog was their first step in presenting themselves to the world, both Letisha and Zeena told the Banner in a recent sit-down. The blog focused on natural living and wellness and included several topics, from cooking healthy and homemade skin care to tips on nail care and healthy living at home. The sisters always have been interested in a holistic lifestyle. Part of that stems from parents who were advocates of healthy living and organic eating, and part of it is from their own struggles with skin issues growing up in Medford, Mass.

Letisha and Zeena are the second and fourth sisters of four girls, ranging in age from 31 to 25, who coped with skin issues such as acne and eczema. “We wanted to create something that would help our skin but not damage it with chemicals,” stated Zeena. “We’ve always been avid whole food shoppers but we never really found a product we really loved. We kind of figured we’d want to make our own product and put it out there.”

For Letisha, who suffers from eczema and is allergic to all nut products, that meant developing an everyday cleanser. “Finding a cleanser that I liked was always a struggle. It was always either too harsh or didn’t work well enough.” She added, “I wanted to make sure that we crafted a really, really great face wash that worked for all skin types whether your skin is dry, oily, or acne prone … or sensitive, and we did that successfully.”