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Hair Care Serum With Keratinocyte Growth Factor

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    Natural Eyelash Growth Serum - Hair Accelerator RAPID BROW and LASH GROWTH
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    • Increase eye brow defintion in less then 30 days! For use on Brows, Lashes and Men's Facial Hair.
    • Our formula is packed with all natural and organic ingredients. Instructions and applicator included.
    • Active ingredients will grow hair back thicker and populate in areas long missing.
    • Most advanced natural eyelash growth serum in the All-Natural market today.
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New cosmeceutical contains multi-potent growth factor

, CEO, chairman of the board at Histogen, which is the licensor of the patent and supplies Suneva with the line’s MRCx growth factor technology.

“Growth factors are important in reversing both the intrinsic and extrinsic signs of aging. … through the course of aging, even starting in our 30s, our skin cells start making less growth factors; they start making less collagen, less elastin. The skin thins out; the dermis decreases,” Dr. Naughton says. “What we really want to do is help reverse it, by being able to provide a growth factor that’s a type of replacement therapy. We need to go and replace the growth factor composition and quantity that you had when your skin was young….”

Dr. Naughton and colleagues discovered that by growing skin cells in low oxygen and suspension culture, which mimics embryonic conditions and a fetal environment, the cells begin to exhibit stem cell properties and secrete multipotent growth factors within two days.