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Why You Are Losing Your Hair and What to do


“Our hair follicles are very temperamental. Almost anything that throws your body out of balance can trigger hair loss,” she notes.

Most people are familiar with male pattern baldness, which is hereditary baldness in men that often results in the familiar “horseshoe pattern,” which is characterized by loss of hair in the front, top, and crown, leaving only a peripheral rim of hair around the sides and back.

This condition is caused by a gene that makes hair follicles more sensitive to the effects of the androgenic hormone dihydrotesterone (DHT). That weakens them over time, resulting in a miniaturization of the follicles and eventually hair growth stopping.

This genetic condition can affect both men and women, says Phipps, a board-certified hair restoration surgeon in Raleigh, N.C., who is the medical advisor for Hair Club and part of the Bosley Medical Group.

But, in women, hair loss is usually more complicated.

“The cause of hair loss in men is usually genetics, but with women, there can be a lot of other reasons,” Phipps notes.