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London 'dog-hunt' is underway after a walker's van was stolen with 5 pets inside

Angela added that it was completely out of character for Denise to have left the keys in the van, and says this is the first upset in the two years she has been working for the company.

The community has rallied around Angela and offered their help in searching for the dogs.

But some people haven't been so supportive.

She added: 'Yesterday I had a really horrible hoax call with someone telling me what they would do to the dogs if I didn't send them money.

'It was so unpleasant, and it's unusual that there haven't been any sightings of four of the dogs.

'But on the whole, people have been very supportive.

'A number of celebrities, including Clare Balding, have offered to help with the appeal, and a local drone company are helping with the search.'

Angela, who lives in Nunhead, added: 'We got one dog back and took him to the vet, he's fine but a little bit more needy, which you would be if you were driven off in a van at great speed.