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    Source Naturals Skin Eternal Serum Moisturizing Skin Food For Face & Neck With C-Ester, DMEA, Lipoic Acid & More - Paraben Free Lotion Promotes Soft, Smooth, Younger Looking Skin - 1.7oz
    Health and Beauty (Threshold Enterprises)

    Threshold Enterprises

    List Price: $20.99
    Price: $20.99

    • It is easily absorbed, and immediately makes skin feel softer and replenished.
    • Skin Eternal Serum is an aqueous moisturizing serum that contains a rich blend of nutrients and plant extracts, including aloe vera, alpha-lipoic acid, biotin, CoQ10, DMAE, MSM, vitamins A, C-ester, D-3 and E, and chamomile.
    • Skin Eternal line has won awards from Whole Foods Magazine and Vitamin Retailers Magazine.
    • The Skin Eternal products, including the serum, revitalize the skin by giving it the nutrients it needs for a fresh, firm, healthy appearance.
    • Skin Eternal Serum is lightly scented with pure lavender and lemon oils.

    Source Naturals Skin Eternal DMAE Serum, Contains a Rich Blend of Nutrients and Plant Extracts, 1.7 Fluid Ounce
    Health and Beauty (Source Naturals)

    Source Naturals

    List Price: $29.98
    Price: $19.73
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    • Includes DMAE, alpha lipoic acid, vitamin C-ester, aloe vera, biotin, coQ10, MSM and many vitamins
    • Powerful blend of nutraceuticals deeply penetrates the skin
    • No alpha hydroxy acids, can be used on delicate, sensitive skin
    • Hydrates, replenishes and softens skin
    • Moisturizing serum for mature skin

How To Fight Aging And Tighten Your Skin Safely And Effectively

When it comes to aging, skin shows some of the most visible signs. Wrinkles, thinning and sagging skin, and sun spots known collectively as photoaging have all led to explosive growth in the global anti-aging skin care market.

In addition, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation , one in five Americans will develop skin cancer by the age of 70. The good news is that both photoaging and skin cancer risk can be decreased significantly with three simple steps: reducing sun exposure, improving your diet, and choosing well-researched skin care products with clinically supported active ingredients.

According to San Francisco dermatologist Dr. Kathleen Welsh, sun protection is the single most important thing you can do at any age to keep skin healthy, and most people do a poor or incomplete job.

Here Comes The Sun

The sun emits two types of ultraviolet radiation that reach the Earth: UVA and UVB, both of which damage DNA in the skin. UV rays can lead to skin cancer and accelerate the loss of collagen, which naturally begins to decrease by approximately 1 percent per year starting at age 20, according to Welsh.