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    One N Only Argan Oil Spray Treatment 6oz (3 Pack)
    Beauty (One 'N Only)

    One 'N Only

    List Price: $25.21
    Price: $25.21

    • (Pack of 3)
    • Spray Treatment 6 oz.

    Minalo Styling Essentials 100% Natural Boar Bristles Hair Brush With Pin Tail, Round Comb Ruled 2.1-Inch
    Beauty (MInalo)


    List Price: $12.98
    Price: $12.98
    You Save: $4.99 (38%)

    • 100% Money Back Guarantee: If you do not love your Minalo Boar Bristle Hair Brush, return it, and we'll give 100% of your money back, or replace it if there was a problem with the brush.
    • Prevents Oil Build-Up:By spreading this sebum oil around each hair strand and from the roots to the ends of your hair you are preventing oil from building up and giving your scalp a greasy look.
    • Creates Volume:Ergonomic handles,Large round shape creates volume and curl shine with natural boar bristles.
    • Reduces Frizz Professional grade,Anti-static, anti-bacterial.Your scalp naturally produces oil called sebum which acts as a protectant for your hair. The boar bristles help to spread this sebum around to lubricate each of your hair strands which reduces frizz.
    • Stimulates Scalp: The tips of the boar bristles against you scalp can give you a massaging sensation which feels great on your head. This also helps to improve blood flow on your scalp.

So Long Shampoo: Why You Should Try Co-Washing Your Hair

Washing hair to ditching shampoo for products like olive oil or baking soda. Then there are those who swear by only rinsing strands with water. With so many options and some being admittedly smellier than others (looking at you, apple cider vinegar), it’s daunting to know where to start and whether any of them are actually right for you.

Co-washing, aka washing with cleansing conditioners only, is another option that has been gaining popularity over the past few years. Co-washing works best for anyone with coarse, dry or curly hair . Those with fine hair will want to proceed with caution because co-washing can make hair flatter and oilier. However, Nick Arrojo, owner and founder of ARROJO, encourages everyone to try co-washing if they’re interested because all hair types are different. He recommends experimenting with co-washing in the winter when hair is drier and usually needs extra hydration.

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