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    Hair Styling Guide: Hair Care For African American And Bi-Racial Children: Quickly style, grow and maintain healthier more beautiful African American and Bi-racial hair in record time.

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Jessica Tate Faces Trial For Fatal 2011 Houston Day Care Fire

HOUSTON — The fire that killed four inexperienced children and seriously injured three others at a home day care facility in Houston began when oil ignited incarcerated a frying pan on a stove top burner that had been left on. Attorneys for the day care's holder

Fabu: We need Obama as president for 4 more years

Unwitting people still want to insist that we don't need health care go straight and they obviously don't know what it means to have no health insurance or in Queer Street health insurance. I wondered who in America has They insist that it is not enough for him to

Race still a subject, but less of an issue

Race still a subject, but less of an issue Its boast had little to do with self-congratulation. Lifetime's entire method to that weekend was casual. There were ads for Motions hair-care products and spots for Heidi Klum's Babies “R” Us clothing assemble, featuring biracial children who could be

Transformations: Transgender Man Works to Change Media, Perceptions

Transformations: Transgender Man Works to Change Media, Perceptions sandy-colored hair twisted neatly into dreadlocks. "But we don't fare in a perfect world, we live in this world, and it's more important to me to base relationships with people who care about things that I think are important and are working on

You Asked, We Answered: Where Can a Black Woman Get Her Hair Done in New Hampshire?

For a lot of people, finding the hair that’s right for them can be a journey. In Roz's case, that journey was a literal one.

"For the first four years that we lived here, I drove to New Jersey every three months to get my hair done. It’s about 5 hours if you leave at 5 a.m. so you don’t hit traffic. "


"I had lots of friends who were like, oh my god, you are so fancy. You drive all the way to New York to get your hair done."


"And I'm like, no... it's sort of out of necessity. Hairdressers up here just don't... I'm not going to say they can't do a black woman's hair, but I want someone who has daily experience, and I'm not one of their 60 clients, or the last time they did someone’s hair who is black was months ago."


Roz grew up believing that kinky, curly hair was somehow inferior to straight hair. It started when she was around 8 years old, when her mom straightened Roz's hair by chemically relaxing it.

how do i take care of my cousin's biracial hair? (biracial people help! or parents of biracial children)?

my aunt and uncle are going on a cruise and left me to care for my cousin for a couple of weeks. the problem is, i don't know how to deal with biracial hair. i don't know how to braid and all that other stuff. so, can someone who biracial or has dealt

some conditioner, water and a brush and slick it back Wk&feature=fvst

Hair type please? Biracial hair varies in texture and type, you need your cousins hair type first air-care-guide.html de.html

Myself normally use

Not all bi-racial have the same hair. But you can try french braiding it like you would your own hair, or put it in a pony tail.

Need Help on Good Biracial Child's Hair Care Sites / Info?

Along with my hubby, we are fostering a biracial child and we need help on good info and Web sites on caring for and styling her hair. I've done a lot of reading, but definitely need to find the do's and don'ts, styling tips, and resources on finding

I am half white and half black, as well as a little Native American and assuming she has curly hair here are some websites you should check out: air.html