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PR Strategies – Sara Lee vs. Pepperidge Farm

We’ve all seen the commercials of various products being advertised by Pepperidge Farm and Sara Lee, thanks to the creative endeavors of their PR campaigns . And while both brands remain successful amidst many other competing brands, each campaign has its differences.

Pepperidge Farm – Pepperidge Farm was founded by Margaret Rudkin and officially began in 1939. For many years Margaret managed the successful business, churning out breads and sweets using only the finest ingredients. In fact, she was such a big believer in only using the finest, freshest ingredients in her products that, during WWII, she slowed down production because those particular ingredients were more difficult to acquire. She wasn’t willing to sacrifice quality for the sake of doing business. This dedication to quality is something that’s survived the years and is a huge reason Pepperidge Farm products are still so popular among consumers.