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Commissioners reject funding request for in demand service

. However, CCG governing body papers , published in April, said the trust claimed to be “experiencing increased case loads with higher acuity of patients”.

The papers continued: “[The] community team’s workforce issues [have] impacted on waiting times and there has been an increase in case loads above the recommended [Care Quality Commission] and Department of Health (DoH) numbers.

“Community Mental Health Teams (CMHTs) have seen a 49 per cent increase in complaints from 2015 to 2018 and a 27 per cent increase in serious incidents from 2016.

“The trust has stated that CMHTs struggle to manage discharges to primary care effectively due to the lack of shared care arrangements and reluctance of GPs to have patients who require ongoing prescribing transferred back to primary care.”

In its board papers, the commissioners acknowledged the risk to patient safety and said “a more proactive approach should be taken by the trust with a review of pathways and packages of care”.