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These 3 vaccines could save your life, protect those you love

“Even if you, personally, are healthy, these vaccines help protect the health of people you interact with, including your parents, grandparents and grandchildren,” Fazeli said.

Influenza and pneumococcal disease hospitalize hundreds of thousands of Americans each year with life-threatening respiratory illness, blood infections, meningitis and other dangerous conditions. A bout of shingles, caused by the re-emergence in the body of the same virus that causes chickenpox, is less likely to be fatal, but it can cause weeks or months of extreme discomfort, limited mobility and even the risk of blindness and permanent nerve damage.

Any of these serious infectious diseases also can be spread to others, including unimmunized infants and children, children and adults with suppressed immune systems because of chronic diseases such as AIDS, heart disease and diabetes, and seniors whose immune systems are weakened by the normal processes of aging.

Even a mild case is miserable