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Ex-Ga. megachurch worker sought in fatal shooting

Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2012. A church volunteer cardinal prayer was shot and killed inside the chapel of the megachurch. (AP Photo/Atlanta Newspaper-Constitution, John Spink) MARIETTA DAILY OUT; GWINNETT DAILY Announce OUT; LOCAL TV OUT; WXIA-TV

County by county news for Wednesday

A former Centers for Disability Control and Prevention employee has been sentenced to probation for stealing from the energy to pay for cosmetic surgery and other personal expenses. Jamilah Franklin, of Marietta, was sentenced Monday to 3 years' probation

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A Journal-Constitution poll last week showed 59 percent of likely voters opposed the measure. But the question posed in the survey laid out the argument for and against. The question on your ballot is worded more enthusiastically, shall we say, and so proponents still have some reason to hope for victory.

Opponents of the governor’s proposal – and Deal has indeed put himself forward as the face of the campaign – are of two flavors. There are those who say Amendment 1 doesn’t recognize that, more than anything else, poverty is the greatest hurdle for schools that fail to reach their students. A change in administration doesn’t fix that.

Then there are those who see local control as a sacred principle that shouldn’t be violated. Local control is guaranteed by the state constitution, after all – which is why a constitutional amendment is required to change it.

Proponents of Amendment 1 are of a different mind. Yes, poverty is a factor, but not the only one, they