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Sara Lee Agrees to Sell Its White King and Janola Cleaning Brands to Symex for €37.9 Million

Symex’s Pental Consumer Products Division is Australia’s largest manufacturer of soap, supplying its own brands of Country Life, Natural Selections, Sunlight, Velvet, Knights Castile and Lux Flakes, together with the sale of icon brands such as Softly premium wool wash, Huggie fabric softener, Country Homestead wool mix, Sureguard moth and silverfish repellent, Hi Speed iron cleaner and Close Up and Aim toothpastes. More information on Pental is available at: .

Symex’s Port Melbourne manufacturing facility produces refined oleo products such as glycerine, stearine, oleine and distilled fatty acids. These products are derived from naturally occurring fats and oils, such as tallow and coconut oil. Symex’s refined oleo products are exported to over 40 countries. Symex’s Port Melbourne manufacturing facility also produces White King and Janola products. More information on Symex is available at: .