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Clinics rush to warn patients of tainted steroid

The structure that houses one of the Minneapolis-St. Paul area Medical Advanced Trouble Specialists (MAPS) pain clinics and the Minnesota Surgery Center is shown Friday, Oct. 5, 2012 in Edina, Minn. The place's The fungus can also cause skin infections

Minnesota identifies 2 meningitis cases linked to steroid

Minnesota identifies 2 meningitis cases linked to steroid The fungus can also prime mover skin infections if it enters a break in the skin. The meningitis outbreak is linked to the fungus being accidentally The only Minnesota robustness care providers known to have used the implicated drug -- an injectable steroid

Jumping for joy

Jumping for joy "Don't annoyance, I'm 55," cracked Mary Sue Palazzari, a three-once upon a time skydiver from Edina. "We're warm at this age." Instead they went about the absurdity of "asking about one another's skin care regimens," said Bates, rolling her eyes. So Bates and her

'It was my worst job interview ever - but here's what I learned from it'

Dreaded by many, the process can vary wildly in terms of formality (or lack thereof) and what’s expected of a prospective candidate.

As a journalist, my experience of job applications has been all over the place. 

Sometimes it’s been a word-of-mouth recommendation, others an informal coffee meeting.

In fact, it was only this year at the age of 30 that I had my first “proper” interview for an editing position with a panel in a formal setting, and it was mildly terrifying. 

Looking back, I’m sure I was obviously nervous, my handshake was undoubtedly sweaty and in retrospect, my skirt a little short. 

I didn’t get the job, but it didn’t upset me — I’m a ‘what’s meant for you won’t pass you by’ kind of person, and it obviously wasn’t the right position for me.

However often when going for an interview, it’s a dream job at stake.