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Hair in a high-end salon vs hair at home: Why I'd always choose the latter

How I got on...

My. Nerves. My experience in that salon was unique, to say the least. When first I went in, I was greeted with a fresh orange juice and a lovely guy who brought me to sit at a station. I waited for 25 minutes, gleefully observing the clientele (there was a C-list celeb sitting next to me chatting about her child support problems, entertaining her enthralled blow-dry 'artist', as they were listed on the menu of services).

After a while, my colourist arrived over and talked me through what would be done, and then went to mix my colour. Thirty minutes later, he started actually doing my colour. So I'd been in the salon an hour before anyone began actioning my hair.

We made the usual small talk (London people don't get me, by all accounts) and bonded over our love of dogs. He showed me pictures, I oohed and ahhed. I was offered a menu - there was an in-house CHEF - and I ordered lunch. I decided to err on the side of 'I might be here for 11 hours without food'.