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    Alteril Sleep Aid, 120-Count Box
    Health and Beauty (Biotab Nutraceuticals)

    Biotab Nutraceuticals

    List Price: $34.74
    Price: $34.74

    • It gently sedates you and helps you get good, deep, sound sleep
    • Contains ingredients that are shown to induce and improve sleep
    • Should be taken approximately 1 hour prior to going to bed
    • Is all natural and won't produce any of the side-effects that other types of sleep aids cause

    Alteril Natural Sleep Aid Fast Acting Softgels 30ct
    Health and Beauty (Global Product Management)

    Global Product Management

    List Price: $18.49
    Price: $13.99
    You Save: $4.50 (24%)

    • No diphenhydramine
    • Alteril contains ingredients that are shown to induce and improve sleep. The three primary ingredients are L-Tryptophan, Melatonin and Valerian.
    • Keep a consistent sleep schedule. Go to bed and wake up at about the same time each day, even during the weekend.
    • Natural Sleep Aid, Non Narcotic, Non Habit Forming

Which Expired Medications Can You Keep and Which Should You Toss?


“It’s a guide. It’s to help us understand when something can become ineffective or dangerous,” says Ms. Cohen who explains that just because your meds have reached that expiration date that they then do not necessarily become ineffective or dangerous at that point. “Basically, manufacturers put this on the product to guarantee at least ninety percent potency.”

To find the expiration date on medications you should look for it on the flat end of a tube (also referred to as its crown), on the bottom or the back of an OTC box, and on the bottom of the label on a prescription bottle.

To help viewers understand which medications you should keep or toss when their expiration date has been reached, Dr. Oz and Ms. Cohen offer the following basic advice when it comes to deciding whether to take it or toss it:

It depends on what your meds are used for

• Meds that are for non-life threatening conditions such as headaches, allergies and sleeping difficulties can be used beyond their expiration dates by at least a few months.

Alteril sleep aid, is it safe with blood pressure medication?

I took the sleep aid Alteril and it really works, but I also take blood pressure medication, noticed when I woke up my blood pressure was so low that I didn't really need to take blood pressure medication, is Alteril safe for people who take blood pressure

I'd be asking my doctor, some clown on this site could tell you yes, and be terribly wrong.

I totally agree. I, too, would want to know the solution. I've been thinking for awhile now and happy that someone posted. I'll check back to see what answer is best for this. Thanks!

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you need to call the back of the card and ask for the fraud department ... this happens all the time and they will do their research to credit your account.