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Innovative Fort Collins company offers hope to pet owners

Steven Roy, VetDC president and CEO, sat in the bull session room on the second floor of the of Colorado State University's Veterinary Teaching Sanitarium, 300 W. Drake Road, where the company has access to world-type veterinary and animal cancer

For This Pot Guy, States Are His Biggest Customers

It’s a Wednesday morning in June and Andrew Freedman is taking another meeting. For once, it’s at his home office in Denver. Since February, work has taken him to Boston; Chicago; Oakland, Calif.; Sacramento, Calif.; Tallahassee, Fla.; New York City; and Washington, D.C. Like every meeting for Freedman these days, this one’s about marijuana.

For nearly three years, Freedman worked for Colorado as the world’s first and only state marijuana czar, a temporary position created to help Colorado implement regulations around medical and recreational marijuana. Now he’s taking what he learned from that experience and using it for a new consulting business.

The office of Freedman & Koski is a condo in a converted church near Denver’s Five Points neighborhood. The conference room doubles as Freedman’s living room, which is also his dining room. It has a giant stained glass window. Freedman has been pining for a whiteboard where he and his business partner, Lewis Koski, can conduct their weekly strategy meetings, but there isn’t a practical place to put one.