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Sleeping on the job


Sleeplessness does not have to be chronic to have an impact on business - in a 2017 week-long study , the cumulative effects of sleeping for five hours a night, versus the target eight hours, were examined in relation to decision making. The groups had decision-making tasks to complete, with two choices: receiving a fixed amount of money, or gambling for a higher amount on an all-or-nothing basis. At the beginning of the week the groups made similar choices. However, as the week progressed, an increasing number of the five-hour group took the greater risk. This group were also found to be unaware that they were taking greater risks. So perhaps holding important decision-making meetings on a Friday afternoon really could be a bad idea!

What does this mean in the longer term? A RAND Corporation study in 2016 found that 16% of the UK's workforce sleeps less than six hours a night on average, with only 19% getting 6-7 hours shut-eye. It calculated that a total of more than 1.5 million working hours were lost each year as a result of insufficient sleep. This estimate took into account absenteeism, and "presenteeism" – where employees are at work but performing at a sub-optimal level. For the UK's economy, it is estimated that these 'lost' hours equate to a cost of £40 billion to GDP. RAND believes that, if those people sleeping less than six hours a night were to increase their nightly sleep to between six and seven hours, then £24 billion could be added to the economy.

Question about lavender oil to aid sleep?

I cant sleep and need to take 3 piriton a night.Ive bought some lavender oil but do I slap it on me, or on the pillow,and how much.Finally does it work or are you awake all night smelling lavender?

Just a suggestion for something to take along with your lavender oil. I don't know if you already take it, but try a good calcium/magnesium supplement. Now Foods has an excellent one. This will help with many ailments including sleep deprivation. Magnesium

put a few drops on your pillow or/and a couple of drops in a hot bath before you go to bed.

Don't use too much. You'll be burping up lavender taste all night.

what helps besides lavender to aid in sleep?


Chamomile tea.
Warm milk with honey.
Yogurt shake.