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Yemen's children pay price of revolt
Yemen's populist rebellion and subsequent political crisis have pushed the country to the brink of a humanitarian exigency, according to the United Nations and aid agencies. And children have been hit especially agonizing. By Sudarsan Raghavan Yemen's

CWAH board and individuals helped Ocala's needy this year
the 23-associate board, needy families received help with delinquent charter out and mortgages as well as assistance with utilities. People who were washing their clothes in bathtubs now have washing machines. Kids who were sleeping on floors now have beds.

Stopping coughs, the natural way
Stopping coughs, the natural way Zarbee's All-Natural Children's Cough Syrup and Zarbee's Nighttime Cough & Sleep Nightcap each retail for a suggested $8.99 and may be purchased at Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Kmart, Kroger, Winn Dixie, Albertsons and Meijer stores nationwide as well as on

Toddler Naps Aid Emotional Control
Toddler Naps Aid Emotional Control “This is mighty because toddlerhood is a sensitive period for developing strategies to cope with emotions and a ever children naturally lose some sleep as they begin giving up their daytime naps.” Le Materialistic and her colleagues now plan to study

Colorado family living in Iraq reaching out to help refugees

IRBIL, IRAQ -- Iraqi and Kurdish forces got a huge boost from the U.S. military which carried out another 15 airstrikes on ISIS positions Monday.

An estimated 1.2 million people have been forced from their homes in Iraq and Syria by Islamic militants threatening to kill them if they don't convert.

Thousands of those displaced families have found their way to the Basirma refugee camp in northern Iraq.

That's where they'll likely meet Grady Pickett.

He was born in Canon City, lived in Colorado Springs and his life story ended up taking him to Bible School.

After graduating, he decided to travel the world taking on different missions, and ended up settling in a Kurdish part of Northern Iraq called Irbil.

Some say airstrikes near there are the only thing keeping Islamic militants at bay.

FOX21 spoke with Pickett via skype Tuesday.

He said he, his wife and five kids, are all focused on staying safe, but also working to help the refugees.

Hear! HEAR!

I (Jane) have had 74 years of good, and then good-enough-when-amplified hearing... I feel very grateful for that. But suddenly everything is changing.

Here's what I have to ignore: A very high-pitched shrieking sound in both ears, a pulsating whoosh somewhere on the right side of my head, and an occasional loud mid-frequency humming in my right ear.

The high pitched tinnitus is like a frantic siren that won't quit. The pulsating tinnitus reminds me of the nighttime rhythm of the old pump house that echoed up to my cabin each night at summer camp. And the hum sounds like a small plane flying low... in my ear.

I'm able to ignore these pretty well when my hearing aids are in place, especially when I'm actively involved in some pursuit that holds my attention. It's when I sit quietly or lie in bed that the cacophony reverberates. When the airplane hum awakens me during the night, I'm thankful that I'm able to insert my hearing aids and turn on a Zen channel that offers a pleasant, irregular chime sequence that can distract me, calm me, and allow me to fall back to sleep.

My 2 year old will not fall asleep until 11:30 at night.. please help us!?

We have a two year old little boy who goes 100 miles an hour all day every day. Up until three weeks ago he stuck to his day/night routine and then we moved and since we have been in our new apartment he absolutely will not go to sleep until 11:30-midnight

i can only assume that him behaving like this is a direct result of moving home. before when you moved he may not have been at an age where he could react, wander about, reach the door handles so if you can imagine what its like for you in a clothing

Well first of all, driving your son at 100 miles an hour, giving him sleeping pills, and locking him in a confined area are not good parenting skills. You probably should have read parenting books before you had a child so that you would be more prepared

Maybe do the quieter time, bath, dinner, teeth and story routine (or whatever you do) and have him in bed an hour earlier than you normally have been if he is getting over-tired. Maybe get a dim night light and leave a couple of small toys he can play

Has Anyone Used Calms-Forte On Their Baby/Kid?

At Christmas dinner tonight my cousin and I were talking about baby's sleeping and she told me she always used to use Calms-Forte,and all-natural herbal sleep aid pill,on her son when he was a baby to help him sleep better.I have some Calms-Forte at my

he is only 2 months old!! he sleeping is normal for a newborn! dont even think of giving him a sleeping pill! if u find that his sleeping patterns are really a concern to you then speak with his doctor before u ever experiment with ur baby!!!

I don't think I'd be comfortable giving my two month old any sort of sleep-aid. I would first speak to a doctor perhaps, if he jerks around a lot, it's likely there's a reason for that...I would personally want to explore that further before I zonked

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