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Total Skin Care Glycolic Gel

Vie Collection Introduces CLEANSING GEL with Glycolic - Lactic - Salicylic Acids

Vie Collection is a high performance skin care line that offers a wide range of solutions for all concerns regarding skin aging. As one of a few spa brands with our own laboratory, we don't limit ourselves to a single star ingredient. The lab selects and assembles the most powerful benchmark cosmeceutical ingredients. Used in optimal concentrations, they are combined with molecules from the forefront of anti-aging research, providing advanced ingredient delivery systems for the skin. Vie offers targeted, non-invasive and clinically proven alternatives to cosmetic procedures along with effective treatment protocols to complement esthetic medicine treatments, for use before or after a procedure. Our expertise on the most innovative esthetic medicine procedures is derived from our partnership with our consulting physician, a well renowned French cervico-facial surgeon and esthetic medicine specialist. Vie Collection brings expertise, authenticity and proven visible results in the form of expert formulations and treatments in the spa market today.