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    New Chapter Sleep Aid – Zyflamend Nighttime for Sleep Support with Turmeric + Valerian Root + Lemon Balm + Holy Basil – 60 ct Vegetarian Capsules
    Health and Beauty (New Chapter)

    New Chapter

    List Price: $22.13
    Price: $22.13

    • No Black Pepper Needed: Unlike supplements formulated with isolated curcumin, New Chapter uses pure WHOLE Turmeric with 100s of compounds, including Curcumin and Turmerones for optimal absorption
    • Non-GMO Project Verified, Certified Gluten Free by NSF, 100% Vegetarian, No Synthetic Fillers, No Artificial Flavors or Colors, FDA & GMP compliant, 3rd-party tested
    • Sleep Aid: Allows you to fall asleep naturally and promotes a healthy sleep cycle, so you wake up feeling refreshed and not groggy*
    • Herbal Anti-Inflammatory: Soothing sleep supplement delivers herbs for healthy inflammation response to promote a restful night*
    • Drug-Free & Non-Habit Forming: Expertly formulated with potent, whole-food Valerian Root, Lemon Balm, Holy Basil & Turmeric

    Bubzi Co White Noise Sound Machine & Sleep Aid Night Light. New Baby Gift, Woodland Owl Decor Nursery & Portable Soother Stuffed Animals Owl with 10 Popular Songs for Crib to Comfort Plush Toy
    Baby Product (Bubzi Co)

    Bubzi Co

    List Price: $64.97

    • OUR WISE OLD OWL CAN SOOTHE YOUR BABY TO SLEEP! Soft and comforting lullabies can help babies relax and feel safe when they need to sleep. Our Bubzi Co Soothing Sleep Owl can help you keep a consistent bedtime routine with gentle music, and soft lights, helping babies fall asleep and stay asleep. A well-rested baby is a happy baby!
    • SOFT NIGHT LIGHT TO COMFORT YOUR BABY IN THE DARK - Press the light button to project a colorful galaxy of stars on the wall or ceiling in darkness. The light projection slowly fades into different colors to capture your baby's attention and help to soothe them to sleep.
    • PLAYS TEN DIFFERENT LULLABIES AND TURNS OFF AFTER 30 MINUTES - Your baby will enjoy a range of gently lullabies including Minuet, Baa Baa Black Sheep and natural bird song as well as a heartbeat sound. Plus, our Soothing Sleep Owl makes your job easier by turning off automatically after 30 minutes when your baby is asleep. 
    • PERFECT FOR CAR RIDES, WALKS IN THE STROLLER, AND EVEN PHOTOSHOOTS! Our battery-operated soothing owl toy with an adjustable strap makes it super easy and portable to take with you anywhere. Whether it's a walk in the park, or a road trip to grandma's or even tummy time, it will be a favorite item that you and your adorable child will want to take with you everywhere as a soft and furry friend.
    • GIVE "THE FAVORITE BABY SHOWER" GIFT! If you are looking for the ultimate baby shower gift that is sure to get a lot of good attention, then we highly recommend our Bubzi Co Soothing Sleep Owl to do the job. Not only is it cute, soft, and cuddly, but it also does a remarkable job of soothing babies to sleep. Plus, it includes FREE AAA batteries, so the new mom has everything they need to use it immediately.

Research: more women turning to sleeping pills

To get some box in-eye, Maria alternates taking prescription sleep aids, anti anxiety pills and muscle relaxants. "On a bad Stygian when I feel a lot of anxiety, I definitely cannot sleep without the help of drugs." Maria is valid one of a new era of

Insomnia Can Be Dangerous, But There's Rest for the Weary

There's teeny evidence that over-the-counter sleep aids such as melatonin can give insomniacs a better night's sleep, but behavioral group therapy and prescription medications are effective, Morin and Benca write. But people often are upon to seek help

Charity linked to Duke of Cambridge saving lives of African children

Charity linked to Duke of Cambridge saving lives of African children But in poorer countries the affliction kills more children than malaria, Aids and measles put together - especially among the under fives; and half of the 1.5 million who die of it each year are in Africa. Now that could switch with the start of a

Wake up, the game is over

After what transpired Monday darkness, there really is no need for the consumer to purchase over-the-counter sleep aids. Just look for a replay of the 2012 BCS National Championship game between LSU and Alabama, and a gentle, restful and deep sleep is a

NJ doctors surrender licenses over steroids, opioids, sleep aids

An Asbury Park doctor who indiscriminately prescribed steroids to undercover investigators posing as bodybuilders can no longer practice medicine in New Jersey.

Kevin Custis agreed to surrender his  license to practice medicine and surgery, the state Attorney General's office said.

"Physicians who indiscriminately prescribe dangerous drugs for profit are no better than street-corner drug dealers, and we will do everything we can to protect our communities from such danger," Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal said in a statement.

Custis was one of several New Jersey doctors whose licenses were revoked by the state for prescribing drugs that, authorities said, could have endangered their patients' lives.

Custis, of Montgomery Township, Somerset County, was a family practice doctor who had offices in Asbury Park and Brooklyn. He pleaded guilty in federal court in April to distributing anabolic steroids and possessing marijuana with intent to distribute. He is awaiting sentencing, which is scheduled for Nov. 15.

Need a recommendation for a new sleep aid.?

I have been taking trazodone for sleep for a few months now but I am having problems with some pretty vivid dreams. I was wondering if anyone out there could suggest any other remedies that could help me fall asleep and stay asleep. I do not want to go

You need to go to the doctor. Maybe you need a stronger dose of trazodone. Maybe it's something else completely that is messing with your sleep.

How do you like/dislike the new sleep aid, ROZEREM?

If you're taking Rozerem, the newest prescription sleep aid, or if you've taken it before, I'd love to know what you do or don't like about it. :)

I've been thinking of asking my doctor for it, as it apparently has zero capacity to become

Rozerem is a different option for the treatment of Insomnia. It works on the body's normal sleep wake cycle with an affinity - or attraction - for the Melatonin Receptors in your brain. It binds to the Melatonin 1 and 2 receptors helping the body to

Try this to help sleep: Yes it's an answer I gave another question but I just find it works so well.

During the day, keep your activity levels generally high. Get plenty of exercise, at least an hour or an hour and a half. Do not do exercise

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If anybody is having trouble sleeping or requires further information